Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Reggie (in stress) said...

Hi! i know why some of you want to continue master... hehe... Secondary school is indeed not an easy job. Students are so BIG, cleverer and naughtier. To be frank, my school students are like '****. Everyday i'm wondering what should i do with these bunch of '****". They won't listen, they make noise, they disturb their frens...and etc...etc... Am i invincible? When i was in primary school, just one loud nice 'SHOUT', the students would keep their mouth shut for the entire lesson... but now... you shout, you scream, you hit the table or even you take off your clothes in front of the class (i suggest je...don't follow.hehe), the students tak layan oso... Maybe after a year, we will become 'numb' like most of the teachers...hehe...No wonder the students learn nothing in school... the teachers teach them in school everyday, but they don't listen... what to do? Lagi bodoh lo.Maybe Meena and Roghini face the different situation like me because both of you are in GOOD school... but the workload in your school must be like '****' la...hehe. Count me in when you all do master... i rather go to college to teach than stay in **** school....haha(Sorry! for using 'S***' word... i tak tahan dah...fed-up lo... i was ill because of these monkeys... so sad...sob..sek...)

(Aliya: Hmmm... my boys during practicum were worse than my present ones, so I guess I'm luckier. Still manageable, and boss & 2nd boss are both very helpful in disciplining the critical ones, hehehee

Sorry.. can't put up the S*** word too often here.. hehehehe. Dont want you to get into trouble with your boss later.

BTW, who want the drama DVD???? If no one wants, I'm not gonna make new copies.)


Just click here..
Yes, Faizal is right. Our data is already updated. Just type your IC number and proceed.
Remember to attach the PC to the printer and print when you've completed the form.( I haven't done mine, hehehee)
Good luck!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Meena said..
hie guys... its me again... i know all of us are dying to leave what ever we doing right now and run back to USM but unfortunately we all know that's impossible... So, this is what Rog and i have planned... we will teach for the next 3 years and then apply and do our masters together at USM... so, I am now openly welcoming those who are interested to join us and for now just tolerate what ever that is happening in your respective schools ok... and after speaking to Patc last nite, she has also agreed to join us... anyone else buddies?CAN'T WAIT FOR CONVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(ALIYA: Hmmm, I'm planning to rest for a few years too before doing any further studies - if I don't have babies by then. Might join you ladies. But I'll be continuing with English)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Kajian Pengesanan Graduan

Kajian Pengesanan Graduan

KAJIAN PENGESANAN GRADUAN SECARA “ONLINE” (MELALUI LAMAN WEB) :- Semua graduan Universiti (Ijazah Pertama, Diploma dan Ijazah Tinggi) adalah diwajibkan melengkapkan soal-selidik bagi Kajian Pengesanan Graduan yang dibuat pihak Jabatan Pendidikan Tinggi, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia menerusi Sistem Maklumat Kajian Pengesanan Graduan di laman web berikut :-
Soal-selidik ini adalah bertujuan untuk mendapatkan sokongan, panduan dan maklum balas yang berharga dari para graduan dalam usaha berterusan oleh pihak Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi untuk meningkatkan tahap jaminan kualiti perkhidmatan serta sistem Pendidikan Tinggi Negara. Sistem ini akan diaktifkan/dibuka mengikut kumpulan graduan.
Kumpulan 1 - 14 Julai 2008 (bagi Ijazah Pertama [Penuh Masa & PPPJJ] / Diploma yang tamat pada semester 2 – 2008/2008)
Kumpulan 2 - 22 Julai 2008 (bagi semua Ijazah Tinggi Sarjana/PhD)
Kumpulan 3 - 8 Ogos 2008 (bagi Ijazah Pertama [Penuh Masa & PPPJJ] / Diploma yang tamat pada KSCP)
Sistem ini akan ditutup pada 24 Ogos 2008 iaitu seminggu selepas Konvokesyen. Setiap graduan perlu melengkapkan soal-selidik yang diberikan dan seterusnya mencetak Slip Pengesahan Kajian sebagai bukti. Slip Pengesahan Kajian perlu diserahkan sebagai bukti anda telah melengkapkan kajian soal-selidik ini semasa mengambil skrol masing-masing. Sila beri kerjasama agar tidak timbul sebarang masalah.

NANA SAID again..

i'm so excited for the convocation.can't wait to see u guys's been boring to have such a life work and work..penatlah!what to do...wishing to be back in usm once's everyone getting on?i have no problem with school..except for that i don't like the principle...she don't want to take cuti berganti for raya..i can only start my raya cuti a day before hari am i going back to png!!!!!i don't want to raya here in trg...

(aliya: Wa-lao! That bad ahhh? We all in Penang got 2 days off (Monday 29/9 & Friday 3/10)- and I already replaced one day last Saturday.


Ok, friends. My letter got lost on the way. Anyway I arrived safely at Canselori 3pm after school today. Only a friendly and kind lady-officer was there - all others were either at the Dewan Utama or attending a meeting.
I got my copy of the letter and the necessary forms.
And Faizal, the officer said you may be excused from attending the Raptai if you can't make it on time. As long as you don't do any mistakes on stage when you take the 'skrol', it should be fine. There'll be a last minute taklimat before we go up on stage on the day of the convocation, so don't worry. Just get the jubah ready, k.
The Jabatan Pendaftar is at Level 5 of the Canselori building.

You may pay the convo fees (RM60) anytime now, or during the convo. Make sure you have the necessary bills (convo and library, if you still owe them money) and the printed copy of the kajian online in order to get your transkrip and skrol. If you've lost the slips (gosh, please don't) try to sweet talk your way with the officers-in-charge for a duplicate copy :P

I met Dr Irfan & Dr Mona Masood. The others were not in. Anyway they're happy to know that we're graduating soon, and especially happy to know some of us are teaching ICT, hehehe.. They sent regards to everyone.

I remember reading that our turn to fill in the kajian online is between 3rd and 8th August. If you try to do it now, your IC number might not be in their data yet so try on the 3rd August, k.

Good luck. See you all during raptai or earlier, God willing( I'll be at usm on 11th August afternoon).

By the way, anyone got CGPA above 3.75? That's 1st class honours :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Arggghhh... I've been checking my postbox since last Saturday. No letter from USM yet. Looks like I'd have to rush to USM next Monday after class (great, my last class is until 2pm) to find out what's wrong. We have 80 teachers from all over Malaysia visiting the school next week.

Got my timetable since last week. I'm teaching Form 2 English, Form 4 English, Form 1 ICT, and Form 4 Sejarah. Altogether 7 classes! But the students are ok. I enjoy ICT classes 'coz the modules are already there (hope they'll give me ICT Form 1 again next year, hehehee).

Hope to see you all on 13.8. and convo day. Pray for me.. I've been under medication since beginning of this month. Not life-threatening but will need to go under the knife after convo, ouch!!
That's why this blog has not been updated lately.

Chatted with Sarala and Ping last week. They're fine and happy in their schools. Sarala's the Head of English Panel, teaching F4 & 5. She's driving daily from Taiping to her school, about 1 hour journey. Ping is in Dungun, 30 minutes from hers. Where are you all hiding in Penang? Tell me if you go to PSPN Penang coz I'm just next door.

BTW, the buku konvo and all details about USM 38th convo can be found here:


YO!for your information, the form for convo is out... i oredi filled in and printed out... so check it out!and i got my timetable oredi. I'll be teaching English form 3 and 4 and Moral form 3... cool!Congrats ye Calvin!Your wife is so tough... i tabik!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Faizal said ( and Confirmed by Meena who has received her letter)
Salam, USM has sent our final CGPA via letter including the invitation for our convo. just wait, it will arrive at your door step.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Oh, good news to those of you who stay far from USM. You may ask someone tohelp you take your jubah on the 11th August. Just download the form print it, and ask your representative to hand it to the person in charge.
Good luck!


shub2dk said...
hi flash!!attended an orientation prog for new teachers in wilayah last week n they asked us to apply for tawaran temuduga online dg41 thro
pls do it asap n don t forget to print out a copy of the filled form 4 yer reference..pls take immediate action

(Aliya: I tried to fill in online but got stuck. What do we write for our CGPA? In the form, we need to fill in the CGPA, amd our final CGPA is not out yet)


Meena said:
Reporting live from Lam Wah Ee hospital... Calvin's wife just delivered a baby boy yesterday morning (Sunday 20/7) weighing 4 kg... Wow! She must had a tough time guys...TC and adios!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Pray that I'm fine, the car's fine, everything's fine on this Friday. I'm off on Friday coz my school will be having its Hari Anugerah Cemerlang & Ko-Kurikulum the day before. God willing, if I'm not too tired on the 18th, I'll go to USM and ask the people at Canselori if we could ask someone else to take the jubah for us, especially those who can't make it on 11th August, and those who can't attend the raptai on time.

I heard from my friend who graduated from USM 2 years ago that those who didn't attend the raptai (especially the ladies) might face problems wearing the jubah properly on the real day.

As for the Kajian Pengesanan Graduan which we have to fill up online and print the copy (kementerian Pengajian tinggi website), here's the link
However, the USM website stated that for those graduating with KSCP (our practicum is considered as KSCP) we can only fill up the form between 3rd to 8th August. I tried to log in but was unsuceessful as our information has not been sent to the KPT yet. Looks like we'll have to wait till 3rd August.


Sorry for not informing you all earlier. Safiza delivered a baby boy last week.
Rohgina & Calvin, how are yours getting on? All the best to you two (take good care of your wife, Calvin..hehehee)


Congratulations to all of you on your coming graduation. I am happy to hear that most of you have done well. I hope you take a short break and continue your masters. So how is your posting? Sabah, Sarawak anyone?
Another congratulatory message to all those who have got married or got your first, second or third child already. Cheers. Mrs. Laysee

[Aliya: Thanks for visiting our blog :) ]

Saturday, July 12, 2008


FAIRY GOD AMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how dare u forget me lah?! so fast huh... :-( its me lah Fai, Meena!!!!!!! that's e translation of what my name means in Tamil lah dude... This info is also for the rest of you... anyway, thank god Aliya still remembers... don't worry Aliya, I will keep your word of bashing Fairy God Amma up when I see him for convo... one more added info about the convo, what's this some kinda research thingy we have to fill up when we collect our Jubahs and return when we return the jubahs... TC all!

(Aliya: That's what we have to do.. fill up the form or watsoever online, then print a copy o something like that, together with the receipt for convo, etc. Now where is my konvo receipt????)

Reggie continues...

hihi... tomorrow i'll be going to Gua Tempurung wit my 77 school teachers. It's actually latihan dalam perkhidmatan and we must attend at least 7 days of LDP per year... cool rite. I invited Ellice along...hehe... (untuk mengeratkan silaturahim)...My school staffroom is always smells of food... Today we had makan-makan kuih-muih... Tuesday nasi ayam n prawns, Wednesday Wan Tan mee, Thursday Curry mee n etc...etc...we hv rambutans oso Teachers here are good... (coz they belanja makan)always makan non-stop... i guess i'll gain more weight la... then during convo they hv 2 make a special robe 4 me la...(stretchable robe) hehe... and Faizal, although i hv removed my invincible robe they still cant see me... I guess they are wearing 'only see wat i wan to see' contact lenses...hahameena, your students r good la... give some 4 me, can ah?hehe
Friday, 11 July, 2008

Hey, I don't like the LDP 7 times a year stuff. Sort of forcing us to search for extra classes, coz not all teachers have a chance to attend courses organised by the KPM. Anyone got any idea how to fill up the 7 days of LDP per year easily?
Pls don't kembang too fast, Reggie or else we wont be able to recognise you during convo :P)

Friday, July 11, 2008


Huhuhuu.. asked my PK 1 today when my timetable will be ready. And know what he said? "relaks, we are still waiting for the Ketua Bidang to be confirmed." So I'm still floating about doing relief duties, hehehe.. Hope not too many teachers take MC next week, if not die!

Canteen food is lousy so the 70 teachers among us always find excuses to makan2..

Yesterday was Boss' jamuan, today's the GSTT teachers' turn to belanja. Today's menu is nasi kerabu. (the taste is authentic, yummy!)

Aiyah, have to watch my diet soon, or else can't fit into my new baju for konvo, hahahaa..

We're having Hari Anugerah & KoKurikukum this Thurs, so I might drop in at USM on Friday. Will keep you all updated if I've any latest news.

BTW, where are the rest of us? Silent readers of this blog, don't know about this blog's existence or hybernating in the schools??


hmmm...everyone seems busy with their teaching routine. Until now, I teach only 12 periods a week and never been asked for relief classes. As penyelaras PTM, I just have to wait for my students to come and its only during the afternoon. This is what we called 'rezeki'. Heheheh....Shub, when I see at Convo, please don't shout okay? Alice, please don't bring your amplifier and the mic to convo. Ita, I'm sure you gonna be slimmer and tougher. Hehehe. Reggie, please take off the magic robe so that ur student will see you...!! Can't wait to see you guys again!!! Hmmm...


HELLO! i am very sure everyone must have been wondering what happened to fishqueen? once posted, never to be seen... well, prepared to hear my story... i am teaching 29 periods (close your mouths everyone!) four classes of Form 1 English and three classes of Form 4 EST. that's correct, EST stands for English in Sains and Technology... when i first saw e time-table, i nearly fell but after a week, no sweat lah... on top of that, i'm e class teacher of 1C... nearly fell again, but control macho... e whole of last week, i was so dead tired... imagine i have 6 classes on four days in a week and 5 classes only on Wednesdays... so, my eye then caught a few teachers using this cute amplifiers, so that they don't have to shout in e classrooms... approached e head of e English Dept, and she happened to have one extra and yes, all of u r damn right about that... i grabbed it and this week onwards, classes no problem lah babes... just go in and switch on the amplifier, it does e shouting while i just talk... e reason i have to keep talking is e students r good students and when you see their work, you will know how good they are... the discipline here, students who never pass up their homework also can get canning... don't believe it, check it out with Chuah and my school partner (not life partner ok) Calvin... SMJK Heng Ee's students can be identified anywhere on e road by just looking at their hair cut... and when u pass by e corridor, wanna know how they acknowledge e teachers, by bowing their heads and wishing us or just saying teacher... anyway, that's all i have to say for now... on e whole, i'm very happy where i am... adios and TC to all my frens... don't forget what e rest said "work smart and not hard!"

1. Ayoyo!! Fishqueen is not Alice la, Faizal.. get set to get get hentam by Her Majesty, hahahahaa
2. Hey, tell me where to buy that amplifier. Sounds useful)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Last advertisemnet before convocation.
Who wants the drama DVD?
I've only a few sets with me now, so if you guys and gals want I'd have to get somebody to make copies before convo in August.
Please write in your orders (including for those who can't reply here) ASAP.
Otherwise I'm gonna copy only 20 sets, first order first serve.

Calvin, I'm keeping a set for you.


Good news!
The portal about our coming convocation has been updated.
Check out from time to time for the latest information.

Unfortunately, our status (status graduan) has not been updated yet.
Please make sure that you've settled all your debts with the Jabatan Bendahari (hostel dwllers- your latest hostel fees + RM60 convocation fees; non-hostel dwellers : RM60 convocation fees). Interestingly, I was refunded for paying extra for bus fees last semester, hehehee.
Also remeber to return all your library books.
That's 'coz you'll only get your transkrip and schroll when you show proof of your payments.

I'll be taking 13th August off as my dear Boss said I'm eligible for 3 days of Cuti Rehat only. See you all during Raptai then, God Willing.

Till then, keep cool and all the best in your undertakings, cheerio!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Copied verbatim from Shub's comment...

hallo!!!reporting from smk desa petaling kl.unlike most of u guys, i had my time table last eek n started lessons redy in the afternoon teaching eng for form 1 n bm for remove classes.he he...subha a bm teacher!!can u believe it.i kno en ahmad s gonna be so proud of me.thank god for dinamika bm i went the advisor for eng lg society n badminton club.they offered me to be in the discipline body but i said NO THANK U...the students here mmg lasak giker . n to make matters orst i got all the last classes which means more havoc.first week was a terror but no am proud 2 announce that i am coping:)hen the going gets tough, the tough gets goin!!!sure is a learning keep me updated ith the n teach smart ya;)cheers!!!

(Aliya: Way to go, Shub! All the best to you.)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


hi folks...congrats relief for u...well...being in my new school is a new experience for school is a premier the students are good. the teachers...hmm...still only know a few timetable has been ready for about a month...after the posting new was out..5 classes with 3 classes of form 1 and 2 classes of form 2..all ebnglish..i've been appointed to be the BBM room teacher and the secretary of English unit..there are only a few teachers who are really English option teachers..the rest are just taking over as there is not enough Eng friends...see u again in August...hope some of us will have slimmer looks and thinner than before as some may have put on diet...

(Aliya: Congrats for getting SMTAI.. hope the PPD treats u as well as they did when I was serving in a school there during my 1st posting..)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

DANIEL SAID... first week also the same like reggie, no time table, and nothing to do..BORING!!! my routines will be lepak at library, surfing internet at pusat access and reading 4 newspapers at least from cover to cover make thing more 'interesting' i do not get any relief class hehehe..i guess they all afraid to ask me hehehe...i've told by the headmistress that i have to teach form 4 and also form 2...that's mean i will become 'an amphibian' teacher hehehe...i hope this is just for the temporary only la...anyway see u all in August..

Friday, July 4, 2008


Alhamdulillah.. Thank God the news are out already.

It's confirmed, friends.
The date of our convocation is Saturday, 16 August 2008, Time 9am, Sidang 5.

We have to take our jubah near Sendut 1 library on Monday, 11 August 2008 (9am-5pm) and return them before 31 August 2008.

The raptai will be held on Wed, 13 August 2008 at DTSP, at 2.30pm

Remember those dates, everyone.
See you all next month, God willing.

For more information, click on


Practicum result is out.
Check it out:

[Thanks for the info, Reggie...
Praise God. Thanks Dr Tan.
Hip hip horray!! I'm all smiles :) ]

BTW, the konvo website is down, which means that they're updating the information.
Do check it out when you're free, to confirm the
date and time of the convocation, ok..


Hi! i'm oso shaking my legs this whole week... no timetable oso coz they hv 2 reshuffle everything... i'm so lucky 2 get morning session...hehe...everyday lepak n relief je... so boring till i almost 'tertidur'.

Btw, congrats to Faizal! i guess u r goin 2 b penyelaras makmal till u retired la...hehe

(Aliya said: Yay, that makes 2 of us. Seems UPSI grads will only report for duty next week, so most schools wanna wait for everyone to be in school first before the timetables are settled. Everyday I lepak, relief ( max 4 periods only) and chit-chat with the teachers.. I make myself look busy :P

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Hi, how are you all getting on in school?
I'm happy to report that there are currently 9 English teachers here (including yours truly) and another will be coming from UPSI on Monday.
So I'm still shaking my legs. No official timetable for me yet, as the school admin said that they'll do a major reshuffle of the timetable next week when tht teacher reports for duty.
I've a big table in the staffroom now. When the 4 senior teachers "naik pangkat" with their own special rooms, I'll take over one of the gigantic table-cum-cubicle..heheehee

So I still don't know what subjects I'm supposed to teach, no co-curricular activities to commit myself to, and no books to mark yet.
Everyday just have to perform relief duties. It's easy here. I'd just go to the store-room and take out a bundle of activity books for the students to do in class.
School is new, and discipline is still manageable.
The staff and teachers are friendly and helpful.
So far no complaints :)

News From Faizal

I've been appointed as Penyelaras Makmal Komputer and teaching ICTL subject for form 1 and ICT subject for form 4 and 5. Until now, no news about teaching English at my new school. Kawan-kawan, jumpa do Konvo nanti!- FaizalP.S: Sapa2 ada assignment paper PGT masa Tahun 1 tu- evaluation apa ntah, please sent it to me. Nak guna la....

P/S: Hahahaaa.. congratulations!!! Terus naik pangkat, eh?