Friday, October 31, 2008


fishqueen said...
ROG'S BABY PASSED AWAY PEACEFULLY TODAY MORNING... He has been brought back to Rog's home in Bukit Jambul and will be leaving for Batu Lanchang cemetery at 2.30pm... I urge all Penangites to visit her and all those away fr Penang, do either call or sms her as she needs all our support...

This is one information im typing with a heavy heart and also with teary eyes...

I just hope what ever happened, it is for the best...

Friday, 31 October, 2008

(aliya: My husband and I send our deepest condolences to Rohgini and family. It is hard to say goodbye to a baby you've carried for 9 months, one you've learnt to love and care for. Rest assured anyway, that he'll be waiting to welcome you all in Heaven.
So sorry could not attend the funeral etc, as I've not been feeling well myself.

Thursday, October 30, 2008



Pemberian Kenaikan Gaji Kepada Pegawai Perkhidmatan Awam Persekutuan Di Bawah Sistem Saraan Malaysia PP Bil. 7/2007 1.7.2007
Kenaikan Kadar Bantuan Sara Hidup PP Bil. 6/2007 1.7.2007
Perubahan Skim Perkhidmatan PPPLD (Pengenalan Gred DGA38) PP Bil. 11/2007 1.7.2007
Kemudahan Cuti Menjaga Anak (Maksimum 5 Tahun) PP Bil. 15/2007 3.9.2007
Pemberian Hadiah Kenaikan Gaji Kepada PPPS Gred DG41 yang dilantik dari kalangan PPPLD PP Bil. 20/2007 1.7.2007
Pindaan Kadar Imbuhan Tetap Perumahan DG41 ke RM250 dan DG44 Ke RM400. SPP Bil. 16/2007 1.1.2008
Pengiktirafan Kelayakan Ijazah Sarjana dan/ Atau Ph. D. Bagi Maksud Lantikan Ke Dalam Perkhidmatan Awam SPP Bil. 8/2007 27.6.2008
Guru Cemerlang DGA 32 PP Bil. 11/2007 1.7.2007
Bayaran Insentif Subjek Pendidikan (BISP) PP Bil. 15/2002 dan SP KPM Bil 3/2003 1.1.2003
Elaun Guru Besar RM 100, Elaun Pengetua RM 150 SPP KPM Bil. 4/2000 1.1.2001
Elaun Khas Mengikut Lokasi dan Tahap Kesusahan Bagi PPP dan Anngota Kumpulan Sokongan Yang Berkhidmat Di Sekolah-sekolah Pedalaman SPP KPM Bil. 2/2007 1.5.2007
Elaun Balik Kampung Bagi PPPP dan Anggota Kumpulan Sokongan Yang Berkhidmat Di sekolah-sekolah Pedalaman SPP KPM Bil. 3/2007 1.5.2007
Kemudahan Tambang Mengunjungi Wilayah Asal Dua Tahun Sekali Untuk Melawat PP Bil 6/1987
PP Bil. 6 Tahun 2006
Bayaran Insentif Perkhidmatan Kritikal PP Bil. 14/2007 1.1.2008
Elaun Ketua Warden (RM 280) dan Warden Asrama (RM 240) SPP KPM Bil 3/1997
Cuti Tanpa Rekod Semasa Mengikuti Kursus Intensif Di Bawah Program Pendidikan Jarak Jauh JPA(L)S.4.06/3 Klt 3(14) 17.09.1997
Kaedah Pergerakan Gaji Pegawai Cuti Belajar Bergaji Penuh, Cuti Separuh Gaji, dan Cuti Tanpa Gaji Di Bawah Sistem Saraan Malaysia SPP Bil. 5 Thn 2002
Pemakaian Pakaian Batik Malaysia Oleh Pegawai Awam Pada Hari Pertama dan Hari Ke-15 Setiap Bulan JPA(S)TT.193/37/Jld.4(86)
Bth 30.06.05
Galakan Memakai Baju Kebangsaan Pada Hari Jumaat JPA(S)TT.193/37/Jld.4(77)
Bth 15.3.05
Pemakaian Pakaian Batik Malaysia Oleh Pegawai Awam Pada Hari Khamis PP Bil 1/2008
Elaun Penginapan Dan Makan Bagi Guru-guru Yang Membawa Pelajar Menyertai Kegiatan Kokurikulum SP Kew. KPM Bil 17/1995
Pelaksanaan Kemudahan Perubatan SPP Bil.4 Tahun 2001
Kemudahan Rawatan Perubatan Untuk Ibu Bapa Yang Sah SPP Bil. 1 Tahun 1992
Penguatkuasaan Surat Akujanji Untuk Pegawai Awam PP Bil 17 Tahun 2001
Kemudahan Cuti Pegawai Bersalin PP Bil. 2 Tahun 1998

Skim Pembiayaan Perumahan Secara Islam Mengikut Prinsip Al-Bai Bithaman 'Ajil Dan Syarat-Syarat Serta Tatacara Pinjaman Perumahan Perbendaharaan Malaysia Untuk Harta Kedua SP Perbendaharaan Bil. 10 Thn 2005
Peraturan Dan Syarat Skim Pinjaman Kereta Bagi PPP KPM SP Perbendaharaan Bil. 17 Thn 2001
Pindaan Bayaran Di Bawah Skim Ex-Gratia Bencana Kerja Bagi Anggota Perkhidmatan Awam Pek. Perbendaharaan Bil.7 Thn 2001
Kadar Dan Syarat Tuntutan Elaun, Kemudahan Dan Bayaran Bagi Pegawai-pegawai Perkhidmatan Awam Kerana Bertukar Atau Berpindah Rumah
Pekeliling Perbendaharaan Bil. 4 Thun 1995



Berikut adalah kategori calon yang boleh diberi pengecualian daripada menghadiri kursus induksi Sistem Saraan Baru/Sistem Saraan Malaysia apabila dilantik ke jawatan tetap Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Siswazah Gred DG3/DG41.

Berdasarkan Surat Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Bil. JPA 241/46 Jld. V (69) bertarikh 1 April 1993. Calon-calon yang boleh dikecualikan daripada menghadiri Kursus Induksi apabila dilantik ke jawatan tetap sebagai PPPS Gred DG3/41 adalah seperti berikut;

1. Guru PPPBS/LD yang dilantik dalam kategori B (skim JKK ’76) atau setaraf seperti B8,B9,C1, B10, T1, D3 yang telah mengambil dan lulus Peperiksaan Am Kerajaan (PAK) sebelum disahkan dalam jawatan sebelum ini.
2. Guru PPPBS/LD yang telah meningkat daripada kategori C8 (SPM) kepada B10 (STPM) mengambil dan lulus PAK sebelum tahun 1994; dan

Pengecualian (berdasarkan keputusan mesyuarat pada 16.8.1999 di antara JPA, KPM dan SPP,

2.1 PPPBS C8 yang meningkat ke B10 tetapi tiada PAK yang telah dilantik ke DG3 sebelum 16.8.1999.

2.2 PPPBS C8 yang telah lulus PAK walaupun tidak disyaratkan tetapi telah dilantik ke DG3 sebelum 16.8.1999.

3. Guru PPPBS/LD yang telah dilantik buat kali pertama selepas tahun 1992 dan telah menduduki Kursus Induksi Kumpulan I sebelum disahkan dalam jawatan.
4. Guru yang telah bertukar daripada skim perkhidmatan lain yang menguntukkan penyandangnya untuk lulus Kursus Induksi Kumpulan I atau lulus PAK sebelum disahkan dalam jawatan dan kemudian dilantik ke PPPS.
5. Guru yang telah meletak jawatan dan telah lulus dengan jayanya Kursus Induksi SSB apabila dilantik dalam jawatan yang memerlukan lulus kursus dalam kumpulan yang sama.

Walau bagaimanapun, pihak JPA melalui surat JPA 241/20/14 Klt. 83( ) bertarikh 23 Disember 2003 telah memutuskan bahawa Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Bukan Siswazah C8 yang tidak meningkat ke skel gaji B10 dan telah lulus Peperiksaan Am Kerajaan yang kemudiannya dilantik sebagai Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Siswazah Gred DG3 layak untuk dikecualikan dari mengikuti dengan jayanya Kursus Induksi bagi tujuan pengesahan dalam perkhidmatan sebagai PPPS Gred DG3/DG41.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hi, I wish all Hindu friends peace, joy and prosperity.
And those not celebrating, remember to visit them if you could.
Now, where's my murukku???? heheheheee

Friday, October 24, 2008


Hi everyone!
So sorry for not updating u all with the latest news.
I've been very busy, and still is.
I'll be going off for a short holiday at the hospital (huhuhu) in the 1st week of November. Mymectomy (I know you are smart,so find out what it's about, heheheh)
So am offering this blog to anyone who can do frequent update as I dont know how long it'd take me to recuperate and be on my feet again. The doc said he'll give me 6 weeks off, meaning no need to jaga periksa, mark exam papers, etc this year :D

Anyone want to give it a try?
Shub? Reggie? Faizal? Anyone ?
All you have to do is just to maintain this blog, add any new info and whatever while this lady takes a short rest from the internet [ dont know if I can survive without reading and surfing for 6 weeks!! u-wehhhh :P)

p/s: No news from Meena or Rohgini. Anyone knows what's going on there?

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Hi. just YM with norli who's still at USM.
Anyone remember our pkpg juniour, named Zaleha?
It seems that she was driving back to USM from KKangsar when she dozed off and bang..had an accident. She underwent surgery to remove part of her intestine which had been crushed (hancur) due to the accident. Let's hope she'll recover.

It's tough when we hear news like this.
Let's hope there won't be any further bad news involving PKPG tesolians.
Do be careful, drive carefully and keep in touch.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

latest news about ROHGINI'S BABY

Tuesday, 07 October, 2008
fishqueen said...
ok guys, here's the latest update on Roghini's baby... Actually Rog and her husband have been requesting for the baby to be transferred to the GH immediately after the operation as the ICU bill was piling, but the Doc refused to release the baby due to... only he knows the reason... So, finally they managed to push the Doc to transfer the baby to GH on Monday (6/10) and the final bill that GMC stated was RM110,000... So, I have tried my best to make arrangements for them to meet some important people and GOD willing they get all the help they can... At the meantime, Rog has not given me the website yet and Suba is also doing something to help them... Thanx to all and let us hope that GOOVIIN gets well and home soon...

ALIYA: That's a relief.. to know that finally Gooviin is transferred to the GH. At RM2000 a day, the hospital is doing a cut-throat business. Can't they give a discount since the bill of RM110k is too just much? What happens if the parents can't pay? If I were Rohgini, I won't bother about paying the GMC yet. the FOCUS now is getting the baby cured and healthy again. GMC afford to wait for the money, but the baby and the parents are rushing for a cure.

Anonymous said...
It is as if a piercing pain when i came to know about this. My daughter was there once. The time when i was short-funded, i contacted Henry Cheah from the account department. i hope he is still there. Anyway, this was what we have gone through. we were arranged to meet the press - "The Star" by the hospital admin. News is published to raise fund from the public. That solved the opeartion expenses. The follow-ups were quite costly too. Luckily, we met Henry Cheah from the mentioned department. He is the one who gave us a few discounts. Try to visit him, his office is on the right from the entrance. Roghini, wherever you are, don't lose faith. i hope my info comes in time. Love, shuren.

Thursday, 09 October, 2008
fishqueen said...
THANX A ZILLION SHUREN! I will convey this message to her... and also thanx to the rest for your time and thoughts which I will surely pass to Roghini...

Thursday, 09 October, 2008
Boon Yew said...
Hi hi... RM110,000 is a huge sum. With our new salary at RM2000 a month, Roghini will have to work 55 months to earn it. I won't consider her husband bcos he needs to feed the family. So 55 months is equals to 11.5 years!!!! Give and take the salary increament, she still needs to work for 11 years!!!

But GMC makes in just two months!!!! Wow! I think it will be soon that we become a communist country if this trend continues la...

Well, more importantly is that we all say our prayers for Rohgini and her baby to be safe and in good health.

I talk later...

Boon Yew

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Meena said:

Hie guys and gals, amidst all these happenings... I would like to share a painful experience one of our course mates is going through at this very moment... It is none other than our mummy (Rohgini) who graduated with us... If you all remember very well, she delivered on the 18th of August, just after our graduation ceremony but unfortunately her baby is still in the hospital...

This is because the nurses found out after a few hours of delivery, he was not or could not drink the milk he was fed... After x-ray and so on, the doctors in Lam Wah Ee found out that something was wrong with his passage that the milk was not going in and told the parents that the only available surgeon is in GMC... so, once he was referred there, the doctor told them that the operation would only come up to maybe RM20,000... so they agreed and the operation was a success... But after the op, the baby does not seem to be responding as what the doctor expected and therefore he needs to be kept in the ICU... and the ICU costs RM2,000 per day which has made the bill to come up to RM 80,000 at the moment... So, Roghini and her hub are finding ways to meet the bill now... I would email the picture of the baby in the hospital to Aliya so that she can put it up in the blog for all of us to see and believe me guys he is a pityful sight as my hub and I visited him at the ICU...

Both of us wished we could just take him away from the ICU as he lay there so helplessly... and I can exactly understand what Roghini is going through... I thought the all of us could maybe do our part by offering some help in any form to Roghini and her family... If it is ok then, I will later pass the website to Aliya to enable us to help them...

Let us all also pray that he gets out of the hospital soon...

Anonymous said...
hi's raya?ok?me not ok anymore...boring ar..have to go back to trg to early as the holidays are only for a few days...i have equally divided my precious raya holiday btwn trg and boring la here...can't go for shopping sad to hear what happened to roghini's baby..pity her...but i hope there will be good news for her and her nothing...berduet je lg...blm buat trio...pray for me friends...till next time...SELAMAT HARI RAYA...from NANA

Monday, 06 October, 2008
Anonymous said...
hai rohgini. there is no words to describe my feeling towards ur situation now. however, please be brave for the sake of ur family. i will pray everyday for ur newborn son's well-being. take a good care of urself...(me-). miss u a lot.

Tuesday, 07 October, 2008
Boon Yew said...
I suggest that Rohgini should transfer her baby to GH. They have a fantastic team at the maternity and paedriatic departments.

The government can bear it for her if the baby goes to the GH. Anyhone knows 'anyone' in the GH? Meena, perhaps?

Let Rohgini not wait any further for the RM2000 per day to fold up.

Get her baby to the GH. Our employer will see to the well-being of all of us and our family.

We're entitled to FIRST CLASS WARDS.

Tuesday, 07 October, 2008
Reggie said...
Hi! i feel sad bout Roghini's baby. Let all of us pray for her baby and i am sure he will be fine. I am just wandering wat the doctor in GMC is doing so far. By putting the baby in ICU doesnt help anything but the bill is folding up day by day. The doctor should come up with solution to help the baby. Meena, can you ask Roghini to take her baby's photo and her bank account no. Maybe we can put it in an email and circulate around. May God will protect and bless the baby always...

Aliya: Sorry for the late reply. My health's been like a yo-yo since June, unpredictable like the weather. Too bad about Rohgini's baby. Boon Yew's right - get the baby to the GH. When it comes to staying in the wards, nothing beats the GH's price, though the service is so-so. Meena, please state what sickness he has, and what he needs to survive, so that we can have a clearer picture and can provide more assistance, God willing. Please tell Rohgini to hang-on, I know it's a torture to see your own child sick and helpless.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


shub2dk said...
hello hello....
i know a lot of u guys miss me so am here to say a big HELLO.he he...just kidding.actually i find this blog an excellent place to vent all my suppressed emotions.tryst me...i have a lot of those feelings these day.n no prizes 4 guessing why.he he...
REGGIE!!!!how could u la???u r a terrible,horrible teacher.there, now i have made u feel like *****he he, just kidding la.i know exactly y u did tht cause u felt sorry 4 these kids.but just a piece of advice frm me.u r not helping them in anyway reggie.i also have students who come n bad mouth to me abt other teachers but i always tell them that it s not good to say things like tht n tht a teacher treats them that way cause they behave in such a terrible doubt, i understand wat my students r trying 2 say,i always make it a point to remind them that it takes 2 to tango. n in fact, i ask them a lot of ques such as what makes u hate tht particular teacher,or wat does he/she do tht u dislike.n then i try to avoid all those things when i deal with these students.
wat i am actually trying impart here is that, we must try to show them the right from wrong and make them understand y obeying something is vital.for example,there is a book for teachers to fill in the discipline probs of the day tht occur in the class n state down those students names n the book is placed in the class n handled by the wat happened was, i wrote down this boys name XX in the book cause he s forever playing in thye class n never does my work.he is a boy wit a lot of discipline probs in school where by he s been suspended for quite a number of the other day,he was looking at the book n noticed tht i wrote his name twice(not including the other teachers who has written his name).he was so upset n looked terribly down.i askedd his fren why.and the fren told me tht she s upset cause i in particular wrote his name.
then i called XX n explained to him tht he has left me with no choice but to write his name cause he has never done my work.i told him tht no teacher will want 2 simply write a students name in the book for no valid reason.(all this was of course traslated to him in chinese)n u know wat happened the next minute?he quitely went bak 2 his place,took out his exercise book n started copying the grammar work i wrote on thye board.he didn t answer the questions but i gave him credit cause he did some work.for me, it s an achievement cause,the first time i came,he totally ignored me, n scolded me in some chinese vulgar words.but now, he greets n smiles coyly at me.i know whether, i have got the message across but cuba try test this approach la k gang?

Sunday, 28 September, 2008
saras said...
hi...guys im back again...saras
wow guys u'l really have lots of news to share... bravo to everyone.. miss you'll.
as for me, school life becoming so bored la. as usual the seniors conquer the school. they even decide whether we junior should stay in mornin or afternoon session.
guess what!! most probably i'l be teaching geography next year. maybe that will be major subject in there since one of the senior teacher are going off next week. im studying geo every day before i teach the students this year. whatever task and post the senior teacher had is being pas to me. next year will be a hell year for me, i guess.
the worst task is im selected as a discipline teacher. i have to take special care for the indian students. sometimes i have to chase the indian boys who ponteng classes.
well, all my malay frens s\especially aliya SELAMAT HARI RAYA.....

Aliya: Thanks for the wishes,ladies.. Good work, Shub, cayalah! Saras, Geog teacher? Huhuhuu, good luck. I'm hoping to get all English and ICT next year. This year also kena Sejarah F4, have to read up before going to classes..everyday just give notes, copy! hehehe, thank God now have good blogs for Sejarah, I just copy notes from the blogs written by experienced Sejarah teachers, put in PPoint and give the students, kawtim!