Saturday, August 23, 2008


Thanks, Shub for providing the sample letter below. Thanks Meena for making the text readable, hehehee. Please read it carefully and do what's necessary. (Shub, can't let the whole world know your ID, CGPA and full name :D)

Pn Kamaliah Basir,
Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia,
Bahagian Biasiswa,
Aras 12-13, Blok E12, Kompleks Kerajaan Parcel E,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
62640, Putrajaya.

Permohonan Pengurangan Bayaran Balik Pinjaman Pelajaran Program Khas Pensiswazahan Guru (PKPG)

Saya, ****(NO KP. *****), Pegawai Perkhimatan Pendidikan Lepasan Diploma telah mengikuti Program Khas Pensiswazahan Guru (PKPG) ambilan 2005/2006 di Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang.

2. Saya ingin memohon pengurangan sebanyak 75% daripada pinjaman pelajaran PKPG yang berjumlah RM **** berdasarkan syarat-syarat kelayakan. Saya berjaya memperolehi CGPA sebanyak *** iatu purata mata gred terkumpul hasil daripada pengajian saya di sini.

3. Saya menyertakan salinan kelulusan cuti belajar yang telah disahkan, transkrip keputusan peperiksaan dari semester 1 sehingga semester 6 yang telah disahkan serta skrol pengijazahan yang telah disahkan.

Saya amat berharap pihak puan akan mempertimbangkan permohonan saya ini. Kerjasama dan pertimbangan pihak puan saya dahului dengan ucapan ribuan terima kasih.
Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang benar,

Dr Tan informed me that you need to apply on your own for the discount. They'd only process the application on case by case. There's no guarantee you'd get the 75% off, but let's try.


Not fair, not fair... why didn't u call me? Uhuk3...
(hubby's comment: Wahhh, u all have grown 'healthier' except my wife who's gone slimmer! hahahahaa. Congratulations PKPG Kohort 4)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Do remember to apply online for your interview, if you haven't.
Your Principal is supposed to inform you about it (the Online system starts in January 2008) but if he/she haven't.. here's what you should do:
Log in to or
Then click Daftar for Pengguna Baru.
You need your personal details eg your SPM/STPM cert, your dates of lantikan pertma, tarikh sah jawatan, tarikh & nombor fail for your cuti belajar.. among other things. It's a bit confusing so take your time.
Most importantly, remember your password. You may edit your information if you need to alter anything later.

information about the online system can be found here:
Only those who apply online will be called for interview.
Good luck.

Monday, August 18, 2008


What can I say.. finally we are graduates.
Sorry I couldn't talk to each and everyone. I didn't have the chance to meet all of you.
Anyway those whom I do meet and take photos with, well I'll email you the pics soon.
As for those whom I didn't have the chance to, all the best to you!

I've watched the video streaming and it's good.
Rohgini, Congrats and good luck with your baby.
Syida, congrats and hope you'll have a healthy & pretty baby girl in November.
I did notice some of you were wearing rather loose bajus during convo. Anyone joining Syida in the maternity ward?

This photo is taken by Chik, who e-mailed me the day after the convo. Thanks Chik. If you wanna download, just click on the pic and save in your pc.

Please email me your photos if you want to put them online so your friends can see and download them. Just click on my profile and email, k.
BTW, my hubby sent everyone his regards. He was so proud to see we all finally graduating..hehehee.

Faizal, please contact me. I still owe you the DVD money.

Cheerio, everyone.
Remember to take your scroll and transcript, as well as your photos from DUP before 22nd.
Keep in touch. I'll maintain this blog for as long as possible ( with comments from you all, I hope)

Goodbye, USM!!!

p/s: Anyone knows what happened to Rosli & Safiza who were absent from the convo? Hope they're ok.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ahhh.. finally convocation is around the corner. Can't wait for the big day, hehehee..
Hope to see most of you tomorrow. Remember the rehearsal is at 2.30pm at DTSP. Be eLet's be there and sit as a group then we can really exchange news while waiting for the taklimat to start. I'm sure eah of you have lots to tell.

Please bring your jubah etc to try out. Your camera too if you have any. Also some pins (sorry guys, take your wives' or girlfriends') to fasten whatever you need to fasten onto your body so they won't fall off when you practise walking on stage, hahahaa.
I asked my school teacher and she said it'd take about an hour or so; just see where to stand and where to walk, what to do and how to wear your jubah etc.

The stalls will be open tomorrow.

Enjoy yourselves. Drive safely. Those travelling from the North (Kedah, Perlis) please be careful as you go near Permatang Pauh as the highway is being repaired..At some areas only one lane is open to traffic.

I bet you miss walking here...

Lepak here........

and waiting here?


Hie guys! I wanted to comment yesterday but it was a rush for me as my car battery kong... (THANK GOD I HAD CALVIN, MY SAVIOUR!) Anyway as Aliya said, it was a breeze at USM collecting the robes and etc... Calvin and I agreed to meet there at 930am and by 10am we were done, on top of which I was collecting robes for Suba and Patc... Blessing in disguise that we are both in the afternoon... Cal and I were wondering what happened to the rest of the gang?! Only met Tan who was full of complaints about his teaching life (Just told him to hang in there) and Rohgini who looked so full (Just kidding!!!)

Just another reminder:We have till next Friday (22.08.2008) to collect our scrolls and don't forget to bring along the printed survey from the internet and the other survey given to us when we collected our robes...

Monday, August 11, 2008


I met Dr Tan at her office. Here's what she informed me regarding her meeting with the officers from KPM:

1. Nope, we can't go back to teach in primary schools. They want us to remain in secondary school.

2. We can get 75% discount from our loan, provided we write in to the department concerned. Cgpa should be more than 3.75. (hehehe, kidding laa... not less than 2.75).

3. She advised us to study Masters full time, research esp if we intend to further until PhD level overseas.


Where were you all? I managed to 'run away' from school after recess, with the PK1's permission, hehehehe.. citing traffic jams, long Q, no parking bla3.. imagining the worst scenario and guess what? It was a breeze this morning at the USM counters.

I managed to register & get my robe, etc in less than 10 minutes! Registered for alumni membership, go my special edition photo frames and had lunch with my lovely "sis". Only met Ju & Nor'in. Dear Nor'in is attending an 8-week course until 15th Aug. Way to go, Nur'in.. that's better than dealing with the hooligans at school.

BTW, I met Dr. Tan at her office. She sent everyone her regards. The PPIP is still undergoing renovation. I asked at the counter and the clerk informed me that there won't be any certs for those who got into Dean's List last sem(including the practicum). The reason she gave me was so feeble I didn't bother to ask further.

Those who have misplaced their RM60 convo receipt, don't panic (me included, huhuhuu). I asked the lady at Jabatan Bendahari & she assured me that they'll run a check for us at the Dewan Utama before they issue the payment slip (need to take that after convo) so that we can take our transcript & scroll. No need to ask for a replacement receipt.

Hope to see you all this 13th. The tents were not ready when I left,as they'll start opening the stalls tomorrow. I guess 13th will be a merry day. See you all there. Remember to bring your robes etc!!


masters?? hey, i'm totally interested!! don't forget about me lah u guys! school sucks big time here. everyday go to school also dah meluat, and it's only been more than a month! that's just too much.. tsk.:p the students at my school are real samsengs who don't even care nor have respect to any teachers. can you imagine i was told to "shut up" on my first week of going into a form 4 class? damn "cool", right? :D but i raised my voice at him and he ended up being the quiet one. hehehhe..

(Aliya: Thumbs up for Patsy! Show them that they can't bully us, hehehee.. I raised my own voice at the hardcore guys in my F4 this morning, and they were actually shocked into silence, hahahaaaa

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hi guys! So, a lot of things has been happening huh?! Anyway, just wanna remind all of you "DON'T FORGET TO COLLECT YOURS' AND YOUR FRIENDS' JUBAHS THIS COMING MONDAY, 11TH, AUGUST 2008!"

And to Sub n Saras, here also wanna fight huh gals... (Just kidding!)

And Sub, the reason i offered all of you to join us for the masters was to get out of school and study full time, because even if you complete your masters, its not gonna make any difference in your pay or job... So, it is actually a good reason for us to stop teaching and study peacefully... Not in a million years am i gonna study part time...

And to the rest of the gang about disciplining your students in class, would be to just go into class and just teach them immaterial if they are listenning or not (just like the rest said), because they would some or rather realise that you mean business which is to teach... and just remember one thing, do what you are paid for and don't be so hardworking to put in that extra effort and finally stress yourself up... And since all of you have such good comments about the Penang students, my final suggestion would be "WHY DON'T ALL OF GET YOURSELVES TRANSFERRED BACK TO PENANG?" (ok, dont curse me!)

And Saras, already reminded you so many times during our days in USM, "NOTHING CAN BEAT OUR UNI LIFE!" and nobody agreed as they were always full of complaints about the assignmentslah, lecturerslah, tutorialslah, groupingslah, presentationslah and many more... The moral of the story is "NO PLACE IS PERFECT FOR US!" but it is we who must learn to adjust accordingly... Every school has its positive and negative values and no one school is perfect BUT REMEMBER THAT WE ARE ONE STEP HIGHER NOW... which was why we did our degree, so be THANKFUL for what god has given us, STOP COMPLAINING and LEARN to adjust accordingly...


Friday, August 8, 2008


I know some of our friends have not done this, or are lost in the process of finding the right one, huhuhuuu
Just click here.. or

Our data is already updated. Look for the LOG IN sign and click on it. Or just type your IC number and proceed.

This link is faster and easier than going to the KPM website and searching like crazy! Please inform the rest of our friends, k.


Hey, friends..
Have you booked your rooms at the hotel/ rest house, etc? The hotels on the island are almost fully booked so if you haven't found a room(rooms) for your family, better do it now. After all with Aug 16 as the Hai Pencalonan at P.Pauh, everyone will be coming up to Penang & Butterworth. If you can't find a room, I'm sure Faizal can spare one in his kampung, right.. Zal? hehehee..


hi..frens...its me saras. he..he.. cant wait to see you'll next week. school life like everyone -terrible..... just cant wait to further studies and get out from secondary school. so guys count me in to do master... im one of the discipline teacher in my school. so im able to see all type of naughty students in my school. students are realy really bad... its better to teach girls school. my convent students in penang were like angle but in here like devils no matter girls or boys...anyway as everyone say..we have to be patient....

(Aliya: Ahhh, good to have Saras joining us as a commenter, hehehee.. BTW, which school are you in?)


i have found the solutions to handle my students. Every day i enter class with a smile. Then, i teach as usual... blah...blah...blah... As usual, they are students talking la, no books la, missing in action la. I try to be kind to them. i only ask 3 times, no books or still talking, that's it. I dont care about them anymore. I only teach students who are willing to learn, and willing to listen. Every day i repeat the same routine. Slowly, there are some students started to listen...and just a few stubborn ones who still treat me like an invincible teacher. I don't shout, i don't scream, I don't show my angry face... all i do is just smile and talk nicely... So, by the end of the day, i still can maintain my blood pressure... and my hair...heheFaizal, you are right!there is no school with no disciplinary problems. We are not God or guardian angels. We just play our role as a teacher and not as an educator. Just teach not educate. Nana, your school so 'canggih' la... always have visitors... Your blood pressure sure higher than I...hehe

(Aliya: Way to go, Reggie! Be pro-active, not react-ive, hehehee...See you all on Monday @ Wed)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


It seems that everybody is having problems with their students. It's not that I don't have any problems but until now everything goes as I planned. Go into class and execute my lesson plan. I think the students like when we treat them like friends as long as we set the limits(and I have reminded my students the limits). But hey, a student will always be a student. There will be naughty students here and there but we still have to teach them. Yes, we can ignore them in order to teach them but how about those who are still stubborn? All those theories that we learnt in the university is, I think, hopeless. So we have to come up with our own (if not theory)way to overcome this problem. If we fight fire with fire, we will get bigger fire! I wonder how those teachers in the past tame their students and teach and educate them? The idea of snapping these 'hooligans' photo to scare them, I think (again), only works for the first and maybe for the second and third attemps. When we still use the same tricks over and over again, it will not working anymore! Even Shuba's students want her to put those videos in the Youtube! Actually what I'm trying to say here is, the simplest way to tackle this problem is go to the office then asks for the transfer's form and apply for Sekolah Pendidikan khas. There you will not face any hardcore students or hooligans again. You will get the peace'ness' that you all want. So how's that my friends? heheheh....

(Aliya: no way, bro. Pend Khas kids are not easy to handle either, as told to me by a friend who's a teacher there. Best solution? Hunt for premier schools with highly disciplined students- and be ready to face office politics & work pressure, hehehee.. The moral of the lesson is: You can't win all.)

Monday, August 4, 2008


hi reggie n the rest of the tesolian gang...u know what...i am actually glad that i am not alone as far as school discipline is concern.i have been faciing probs since first day of school.let me give u a piece of advice...don t care about those who don t care abt u.just give them the silent treatment n ignore their nonsense.praise those who do their work n slowly they ll learn how 2 obey.i know some r really hard core n nothing will work 4 just give a *****.pray hard n stay calm.this has worked 4 me.n if i come up wit any other new ways,will let u guys know.till then,take the chill pill ya.cheers!!!

count me in too.but dunno whether it ll be in usm or not.i am so stressed out am not gonna wait 4 3 years.thought of doing it part tht finish faster n get out of school faster!!!he he...see how it goes la.but am surely n cheers!!!

(Aliya: I'm glad I have a good handphone with video cam. Just go klik3 each time they do sth weird and rewind so they can hear their own nonsense, he3.. some even beg me later not to show them in youtube, ha3..over here, the hobby of the heroes is to take a nap anytime they like.. which is a blessing as I have less disciplinary prob)