Thursday, November 27, 2008


Bim, congratulation! Hey, Chuah..How come it is so easy for you to get the transfer huh? By the way, some of our classmates are still in USM and I wonder how are they doing right now? Maybe they are busy with the exams and assignments. But I do wonder how in the world the Ipoh dude can still acting for a tv commercial (KFC) and in a tv series -"Geng Bas Sekolah"? Meena, you're so...very fast lah! hahaha...we'll pray for you,k. Aliya, cepat-cepat sembuh.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Congrats Bimbala

Meena said:

I helped her to distribute her wedding cards to all Penangites and also a few in the mainland but I think I would not be able to make it as my vomiting is really really bad...
So, Bim please don't be angry if I don't come for your wedding, really wish I cud as I wud wanna meet the gang but I'm really down and out...
So, I guess who's going to be next? At the moment, think the wedding bells are ringing for those orang-orang Kuala Lumpur... Ahem-ahem...

[Aliya: Congrats, Bim.. All the best to you and hubby :)
Meena, take it easy dear. Don't kill your husband yet- make him your slave for another 7 months, hahaha.
I've been out of the hospital since Nov 19th.. am recovering at my in-laws' house till end of the month. The doctor has given me a month's MC until Xmas so it's just eat, sleep, rest and suffer the after-surgery pain, huhuhuu..]

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sorry to be silent for sometime. The doctor said, "Less stress, go home and rest!" so with 2 weeks of MC I've been resting at home and monitoring my BP, hehehe. Boooorrriiinggg!!! No exam papers to mark, no traffic jams to beat, don't envy me :P

Boon, Faizal is a co-writer of this blog, not assistant, hahahaa. I trust that our Faizal will be able to keep this blog interesting?

By the way, looks like our PKPG family is adding its members. Just heard that Hafizah is now a proud mummy of a baby boy, delivered a few days ago. And (roll drum please) Meena is expecting her 3rd baby!! Everyone say together, " We hope it's a girl for you!"
Anyone else with good news of births, weddings, engagement?

I'll be off to the hospital this Saturday for another round of tests and God willing, mymectomy surgery. Been quite sickly since June this year, with a break in August (thank God for being able to attend the convo). So please forgive me if I keep silent after this. Heard that it's gonna be something like a ceaserean incision so wish me luck, forgive me for all my wrongdoings intentionally or unintentionally and tolong doakan agar selamat, k.

Faizal, please contact me or my hubby when you are in BM. Wanna pay you the DVD Rm45. Or are they free, hehehe.

Happy holidays everyone! Have a great time, be rejuvenated and see you all in December, insyaAllah.

Cuti Sekolah

Selamat Bercuti kepada semua rakan-rakan yang berada diseluruh pelusuk Malaysia. Kepada yang akan menjalani pembedahan, kuatkan semangat dan semoga cepat sembuh! Rakan-rakan yang sedang bertugas mengawasi SPM atau STPM, kuatkan juga semangat anda kerana rakan-rakan lain sedang bergembira di kampung. Kepada yang akan melangsungkan perkahwinan, selamat menempuh alam perkahwinan yang bahagia ('s you la). Bila bercerita bab kahwin ni, rasanya ada lagi pasangan yang belum mewar-warkan lagi kisah bahagia mereka ni. Ehmmm...bila agaknya tu? Kepada junior-junior yang masih lagi struggle di USM, teruskan perjuangan anda!!!! Akhir sekali, teruskan berhubung melalui wadah yang tercinta ini.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The url has been changed.
Click here :

It's quite confusing, and you might be lost here.

To check your status click here:

For those who have yet to register yourself, do read this first:

Calon yang BOLEH MEMOHON Melalui e-Permohonan
1. Calon yang telah MEMPEROLEHI IJAZAH BERSERTA PENDIDIKAN dari universiti-universiti yang diiktiraf oleh kerajaan dan telah ditempatkan mengajar (Guru Sandaran Terlatih (GST)).

2. Calon yang telah MEMPEROLEHI DIPLOMA PERGURUAN MALAYSIA dari Maktab Perguruan dan telah ditempatkan mengajar (Guru Sandaran Terlatih (GST)).

3. Calon yang telah MEMPEROLEHI DIPLOMA PENDIDIKAN secara Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah (KPLI) dan telah ditempatkan mengajar (Guru Sandaran Terlatih (GST)).

4.Calon yang telah MEMPEROLEHI IJAZAH PERTAMA setelah diberi kebenaran Cuti Belajar Separuh Gaji oleh KPM (Calon Meningkat Kelayakan (CMK)).

Calon yang TIDAK BOLEH MEMOHON Melalui e-Permohonan
Calon yang berikut TIDAK BOLEH MEMOHON Melalui e-Permohonan:

1. Calon yang pernah letak jawatan atau dibuang kerja dari perkhidmatan kerajaan.

2. Calon lulusan Pendidikan Jarak Jauh (PJJ).

3. Calon yang sedang berkhidmat dengan kerajaan selain daripada PPP.

4. Calon dari bekas tentera / polis

- Calon-calon ini dikehendaki mengemukakan permohonan melalui Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.

Langkah-langkah dan Panduan Untuk Memohon Melalui Borang e-Pemohonan
1. Calon digalakkan mencetak Borang Kosong mengikut jawatan yang di pohon dan mengisi borang tersebut terlebih dahulu bagi memudahkan calon mengisi Borang e-Permohonan. Borang kosong boleh didapati dari ruangan MUAT TURUN BORANG di Laman Web utama SPP.

2. Klik pada mana-mana link [e-Permohonan] di Laman Web Utama SPP untuk memulakan Aplikasi SPP e-Permohonan.

3. Calon yang pertama kali menggunakan e-Permohonan atau pengguna baru dimestikan mendaftar terlebih dahulu dengan klik pada butang [Daftar] di skrin Log Masuk e-Permohonan.

(Nota: Kata Laluan dan Nama Ibu yang diberi semasa mendaftar hendaklah diingat. Kata Laluan adalah rahsia anda dan diperlukan untuk masuk (login) ke Borang e-Permohonan. Nama Ibu diperlukan sekiranya calon terlupa kata laluan dan ingin menukarnya ).

4. Calon yang terlupa kata laluan dan / atau ingin menukar kata laluan boleh dilakukan dengan klik di link Terlupa Kata Laluan/ Tukar Kata Laluan, yang terdapat di Skrin Log Masuk e-Permohonan. Calon dikehendaki memasukkan maklumat ibu (case sensitive) yang diberikan semasa Daftar Pengguna.

5. Masuk (Login) ke Borang e-Permohonan.

Hanya calon berdaftar sahaja boleh mengunakan Borang e-Permohonan dengan memasukkan No. Kad Pengenalan dan Kata Laluan di ruangan Pemohon Berdaftar dan klik butang [Masuk] di Skrin Log Masuk e-Permohonan.

6. Memilih Borang e-Permohonan

Pemohon Berdaftar yang pertama kali masuk ke Borang e-Permohonan akan diminta memilih Borang e-Permohonan mengikut jawatan yang ingin di pohon dengan klik di butang borang bersesuaian dengan jawatan di pohon di Skrin Borang e-Permohonan.

(Nota: Calon dinasihatkan memilih Borang e-Permohonan dengan berhati-hati mengikut jawatan yang di pohon iaitu DG41 atau DGA29 atau DG27/DG17. Calon yang tersalah pilih Borang e-Permohonan tidak dibenarkan menukar borang dan perlu menghubungi Pentadbir e-Permohonan SPP).

Good luck everyone


Has anyone been called for the interview yet?
Have you all registered with SPP for the interview?
Gosh, it's a long wait.
I'm getting my full salary (Dg32) in this coming November.
I hope everyone has received or will be receiving your full salary?


I've just received these pic from Meena, taken at the hospital before he passed away on October 31.
He was cute, wasn't he?

Babies are born without sins and when they passed away as babies, they will granted be a special place in Heaven where they'd wait for their parents.

May God bless baby Goovin.
And May God give peace to his parents and family.