Friday, March 28, 2008


The final exam timetable is out.
Thanks USM.
4 papers, 4 different venues.
Way to go.

Good luck everyone.


7-Apr-2008 / PET301 / ISNIN / 2.15 PETANG / 3jam /L05 / DK II

11-Apr-2008 /PPG315 /JUMAAT/ 9.00 PAGI / 2jam/ L17/ DPB

15-Apr-2008 /HXE302 /SELASA /2.15 PETANG / 3jam/ L10 /DI II

16-Apr-2008 /QMT323E /RABU / 2.15 PETANG / 2jam / G27 / DKU


Whether it' s pink or green, make sure you have it.
Remember the forms that we signed when we were at MPTB?
We signed the pink perjanjian forms, and those who applied for the loan, we also signed the green forms, borang pinjaman.
We're supposed to have copies of the pink form (everyone) and also the green form (those who got the loan).
If you don't have them, you're in trouble 'coz your form has gone missing at the Bahagian Biasiswa, KPM.
I called the lady-in-charge yesterday, Pn. Siti Aisyah and she told me that my green form is missing. I have the pink perjanjian form with me but no green form.
Chai's got the green pinjaman form but no pink.
Other than Chai and I, Pn. Siti Aisyah mentioned Regina, Patsy, Subhashini and Meenarani. There might be more involved.
We have fill in the forms again with the setem hasil. Then get them signed exactly like the way we did 2 years ago. Yeah, don't ask me how. Just do it when you get the forms. Pn.Siti Aisyah siad that she'd put everything in detail in the envelope she'll post to us soon.
So let's pray hard and wait for the forms to arrive as a big parcel at Chai Siew Yee's postbox.


Well, the list is out.
I've been asked to remind you handsome guys and lovely ladies who your supervisors are.
Here's the whole list with your supervisor's name.

Supervisor: Dr.Tan Kok Eng
Sarala, Chai. Aliya - SMK Sg. Nibong
Lew Shu Ren, Chua Boon Yew - SMJK Chung Ling
Regina, Ellice, Kalaswary, Suguna, Subha - SM Tunku Puan Habsah

Supervisor: Dr. Leong Lai Mei
Azarina, Hasnani - SMK Sg.Ara
Sarasvathy, Bimbala, Patsy, Aruna Mary - SMK Convent Lebuh Light
Mahandran, Effa, Faizal, Daniel - SMK St.George Balik Pulau

Supervisor: PM Dr.Mildred Nalliah
Ping, Tan, Rema, Rusni - SMK Georgetown
Rosli , Safiza - SMK Sg. Ara
Wahidha, Suhana, Juliana, Nor'in - SMK Abdullah Munshi

Supervisor : Dr Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan Abdullah
Norliza, Nursyida - SMK Sri Mutiara
Premani, Chik Mun Yeang, Calvin - SMJK Union
Balkhish, Norlinazura, Hafizah, Kasthury, Samirah - SMK Seri Balik Pulau

Supervisor: Pn. Norlida Ahmad
Roslina, Salwani, Nor Rehan - SMK Teluk Kumbar 2
Devendran, Meenarani, Rohgini - SMK Raja Tun Uda
Rozita, Farhana, Wan Syarizad, Jayamary - SMK Teluk Kumbar 1

Anyone who needs Dr Kabilan's or Pn. Norlida's (019 latest) hp numbers, please contact me at my 019 new number or email me by clicking on my profile. Can't advertise them here.

Good luck.
See you all in the exam hall on 11th April :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Everyone got A for Dr.Rozinah's coursework component.
5 for Web evaluation, 5 for HMTL individual, 5 for HTML groupwork and grade A for the e-book project.
Hurray for Dr Rozi :)
Thank you.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Dr Tan Kok Eng asks all PKPG TESOL students who will be going for LM in April 2008 to meet on Friday, 28 March.
There will be a taklimat LM.
Venue: Auditorium PPIP
Time: 10am until 12.00pm.
Please be there.
Thank you.

Please be professional about it.
If you are unable to attend the taklimat, PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB DR.TAN WITH YOUR EXCUSES OR COMPLAINTS.
The last day of lecture for this semester is indeed 28 March 2008.
The LM taklimat might/will be given by another PPIP lecturer in charge of LM, and as it is an official taklimat, please be punctual too.
Thank you for your cooperation :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The money's here, and the exam's around the corner so, Faizal... when is the 'makan makan eat-eat ciak-ciak saprea-sapree" that you've planned for us?
And may I know when I can get the dvd of our drama?
Please don't build our hopes as high as the Ledang Mountain, only to have it reduced to dust, huhuhuu..
Come-on you wonderful and creative people, suggest something fast.


Please be reminded that the due date for PET301 project is Friday 28 March 2008.
All the lesson plans & activities should be done in Microsoft Powerpoint, including worksheets.
Please refer to the sample given.
For further information, please ask Pn.Norlida herself.
Thank you.


The venue for the test will be at E41, Sendut 2 Basement.
Time: 4pm (about an hour)
Date: 27 March 2008, Thursday
Final lecture will be held as usual on Wed, 26 March 2008.

Syntax/ Semantics assignment is due on Wed, 26 March 2008.
Those doing Syntax for Dr.Munir, please attach a softcopy along with your printed assignment.
Those doing Semantics, you only have to hand in the hardcopy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


There will be a lecture as usual with Dr Fong next Wednesday, 19 March.
Please attend.


HXE 302 Pragmatics test will be held on Week 15, Thursday at 4pm. Lecture on Wednesday 11am-1pm for Week 15 is also on. The venue for the test will be announced later by Dr.Raja Rozinah herself.
Please be reminded that it is compulsory to attend lectures on Pragmatics for 3 consecutive weeks starting today. Attendance will be taken.
Those who are absent due to PTK exam thos morning, please see Dr.Raja Rozinah at her office (C12 006) personally and show her your PTK exam slip. Only those with valid reasons for being absent will be allowed to sit for the test.
We are also remined during today's lecture that we have to attend HXE302 tutorials at the slot we have been given. If you replace your slot with another slot later during the day, you will still be considered absent for that tutorial. So please turn up at your own tutorial slot.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Good news. It has arrived.
That should cheer us up in this week of assignments blah blah blah.
Anyway, do keep in mind that we won't be receiving our salary for 3 months after our posting. So spend the money wisely, k.

Monday, March 3, 2008


(sing to the tune of shalalalala)

we are very busy
then they say let's have an election
i don't mind but where the heck is the loan
that hasn't yet arrived
don't tell me they have forgotten
due to the campaign
don't want to hear they say
"sorry la, peruntukan sudah habis!"

oo oohhh ohhh
undi undilah
whichever party that you like the best
bye bye bye bye bye
dr leong's lecture on friday

ayoyo mana mana laa
mana loan yang belum sampai
sick of camtasia
how to survive this last sem,
tak tau laa

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Congrats to Lew Shu Ren, our 3rd time daddy on the birth of a baby daughter on Wed, 27th feb (hope I got the date right). Way to go Lew, 3rd in 4 years!! :D

By the way, I asked Dr.Tan and she has confirmed that she has posted back our prestasi forms to Putrajaya. Fuhhh!!! Thank you..

And lastly, does anyone know when we're getting our loan??? That better arrive before March 8th or else...


The timetable for our finals is out. Here's the draft which I copied from
Those who are taking exra subjects, please check at the usm website.

LSP401 7 april 9am
PET 301 7 april 2.15 pm (3 hours)
PPG315 11 april 9am (2 hours)
HXE 302 15 april 2.15 pm ( 3 hours)
QMT 323E 16 april 2.15 pm ( 2hours)