Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I've rechecked the list sent to my school for the new Lit. component.

Form 4:
1. In the Midst of Hardship (poem)
2. He has such Quiet Eyes (poem)
3. Qwertyuiop (ss)
4. The Fruitcake Special (ss)
5. Gulp and Gasp (drama)

Form 5
1. Nature (poem)
2. Are you still playing the flute (poem)
3. (novel)

I haven't checked out the CD so can't give any comment yet.
Anyway, I've started teaching Latiff Mohidin's poem, and my students seem to have less problem understanding it [compared to the previous poems taught] , which is really good news.

Faizal, dont' ever believe that the new poems etc are for enjoyment only. They'll be tested in SPM next year laaaa, unless a miracle happens :P

The present SPM Fifth Formers will continue with the old component; they don't have to learn all these new poems etc. That should help teachers to spot the topics as there're only a few poems and short stories left which have not been tested in SPM for the past many years.

You might want to check out this blog by Mr.Faizal Abdullah who reviewed Latiff Mohidin's poem as well as other poems at http://tongodsthoughts.blogspot.com/2009/09/my-first-attempt.html

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to School...2010!

Yea, yea, yea Boss! Anyway, since Form 1 and 4 have to learn new literature components, why don't we share what ever we have with others in this blog? I myself teaching Form 4 this year, and to be honest I'm afraid that I might lead my students to wrong interpretation ( but hey, they can interpret whatever they want right?That is the objective of literature so that they can learn something and enjoy the text the way the want it - right?) I've googled for so many hours to find anything that can assist my T&L, but there was nothing much on the net except I found one blog that touched one of the poems(In the midst of hardship by Latiff Mohidin) a bit.

SO, I think this is the time for us Tesolians to help each other by posting what ever we have in this beloved Blog!!! (hey you..switch on your lappie and start digging!!!!)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Welcome 2010.. another new decade.
And to some of us, we've been back to school unofficially since after Xmas. Sigh! And they think teachers get the longest holidays :P
Anyway, let's brace ourselves for another challenging year especially those who will be teaching Form 1 and Form 4. We're still in the dark about how to actually go about teaching the new literature component.
By the way, do you still conduct OPSME in your schools for Form 1 students?

Comment, comment anyone... pleaseeeeee...

Hey, 2nd-chief-in-command, where have you been? [you know who-lah] I'll be taking 60-days off in June so you'd better buck up, hehehe... don't let this blog go to waste.. Jangan dok asyik main FB jer :P