Thursday, August 6, 2009


A huge sorry for not updating this blog.. and General Faizal is busy too.
Now.. the latest update?

1. I'm under unofficial house-quarantine.. school's closed till 10th due to clusters of ILI cases in the school. After so many calls to the Jab Kesihatan, finally they came and more than 50 students met them, all complaining of flu & fever. So now I don't know whether to laugh [coz got the extra days off for now] or to cry [trial exam is next week]. Who else is in the same boat?

2. Our dear Shuba is getting married [drum roll please]. I think we all know who the lucky man is. Anyone else sending invitation cards? Free advertisement here, hahaha.

3. Our sweet Elice had had her wedding reception, and she looked so pretty. Sorry dear, hubby and yours truly had an emergency and had to cancel the trip in the last minute.

4. No news from Meena, so she must be heavy with child now..or already delivered? Anyone else in the 'Mum" list? In case you don't know, Kalas & Syida had theirs this year. Cute babies, hehehe.

5. USM convocation will be held in August 12-16. Be free to come and watch our juniors and others receive their scrolls. Yes, latest check Rezz's name is up there, not sure about the 'Lawak King' and the 'Dancing Queen', hehehe.

6. And as for our reunion, well....
shall we have a reunion at the end of the year? During the hols la.. after SPM exams, as I'm sure many of us will be specially invited to hold the enviable post of "invigilator".
Venue? Well depends whether you guys and ladies want to have it at a grand place or a cosy one. How about having it at Safira Club, Seberang Jaya? I can arrange that.
If you ladies want to have it in Penang island, then somebody there will have to take charge. I don't fancy travelling all the way there just to find a suitable hotel/ restaurant for our reunion :)

7. I met Nor'in some time this year at her school. She's gonna have another baby. She sent everyone her greetings.

8. Yes, finally got my surat lantikan dg41. Tunggakan.. yeah! Now need to bodek my boss to sahkan jawatan, hmmmm...