Wednesday, April 30, 2008


How's school?
Heard from our fishqueen and gang today. They seem to have very helpful teachers who got everything prepared for them, hehehee. Perhaps they thought you are UPU freshies, dears - you look younger than your real age :). Let's show them our capabilities, k.
Any problem with ICT? Am still figuring a way how to use the ICT in my school, 'coz the classrooms don't have the LCD projectors, and we have to borrow to use them through the permanent teachers there. And teaching the afternoon session mean having to deal with students who'd leave the class for their prayers before/halfway during the lesson! The traffic jams at the Penang bridge in the evenings were horrible!
Anyway, just have to deal with the hiccups as well as we can. Keep in touch, k.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Today's the first day of teaching in secondary school, after 3 years of 'relaxation' (according to my husband :P).
So how was yours?
Anybody teaching subjects other than English?
I'm in the afternoon session, so it's a different world compared to those teaching in the morning session. School's fine, the staff are great and the students are...well, students.
Do add some comments and let us know how you enjoy your school environment, k.

Friday, April 25, 2008


I hope everyone has received their LM set by now. Please be reminded that you must have them with you at all time during school hours.
You should elect a group leader to present the necessary documents to your supervisor - the attendance list for every 2 weeks, the group time-table etc.
Each of us should have a copy of the individual timetable, medical letter from USM, the LM guidebook and the LM book.
Do read your LM guidebook. All the information is there.
Good luck with your LM.
Keep in touch, ok :)

There are 5 periods a week for English in sec. school, with a period allocated for the teaching of Literature. As we are PKPG TESOL teachers and our LM is only for 6 weeks, we don't have a Guru Pembimbing.
We must start teaching on Monday 28 April 2008.


Susie asked me to inform you that we need to pay RM60 for our graduation. Please check at the Bendahari if you have any unpaid debts and settle them as soon as possible. Thanks.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Good news!
Registration for our short semester (practicum laaa) will be done by the PPIP staff. We don't have to go back to USM for online registration. Ms.Wei Ling of PPIP said that PPIP will automatically do the online registration for those PKPG teachers on their practicum only.

By the way, congratulations to those who have received news of their posting.
Yes friends, most of us managed to get back to the states we have applied for.
If you still do not know which state you'll be posted to, try calling Pn.Juriah of Bahagian Penempatan at 03-88849498, or the JPN of the state you have applied to teach.

The state JPNs had just received the list yesterday, so don't go and pester them yet about the district you want, unless they are helpful. Most states will only conduct their meetings next week to decide where to place us, and the other graduates from other universities.

Here's those that I've news of: (updated 25/4 at 13:20)
Penang - Meena, Rohgini, Aliya, Chai, Ellice, Regina, Suguna, Calvin, Lew, Kalas, Boon Yew, Premani, Balkhish, Nor'in, Rema, Wan Syarizad
Kedah - Tan, Samirah
KL - Subha, Bimbala
Selangor - Patsy, Faizal, Roslina
Malacca - Mun Yeang

Trengganu - Nana, Ping, Effa
Perak - Nor Rehan, Sarala
Pahang - Salwani, Daniel
(when will we get your bunga telur, Daniel? wink wink)

If any of you know the whereabouts of our tesolian mates who have gone AWOL, TELL THEM TO MEET DR.TAN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Urgent.
1. Zizie
2. Rusni Anting (Rezz)

Have a good holiday.

p/s: I'm updating this blog every few hours so keep the info coming via comments, so that we'll know who goes where.
(Yes Faizal, u r going home. BTW where is my cd?)

Please tell the other tesolians about this blog as this is the only way we can keep in touch with everyone. I'm sure all schools in Penang have internet wireless system now.
Dr Tan, our guardian angel, will also send her messages here as she is my LM supervisor.

Monday, April 21, 2008


News about our posting is out.
Good luck every one!


Here's the grades (15% pragmatics test + 25% assignment).
The notice is pasted in front of Dr Salasiah's office door. I suppose we all did quite badly for both the components 'coz just the overall grade is written next to our matric number.

88899 B-
88900 B-
88901 B
88902 B
88903 C+
88904 C+
88905 B+
88906 D-
88907 C+
88908 C+
88909 C+
88910 B+
88912 C
88913 C+
88914 C+
88915 B
88916 B
88917 B+
88918 B-
88919 C+
88920 B-
88921 C
88922 B-
88923 C+
88924 B-
88925 C+
88926 SORRY N.A
88927 B
88928 B
88929 A-
88930 C+
88931 C
88932 B-
88933 C-
88934 C
88935 SORRY N.A
88936 C+
88937 C+
88938 C
88939 B-
88940 B
88941 B-
88942 B+
88943 B
88944 C+
88945 C+
88946 B-
88948 C+
88949 C
88951 B+


Please take your LM set from the lady at the PPIP counter on Tuesday 22 April 2008.
For your information the temporary counter is at the BILIK INTERAKSI STAF, which is on the 1st floor next to the Dean's office (near the PPIP lecturers' pigeon-holes)

I've tried to take my own set but the clerk refuses to sell individual sets.
We'd have to take the sets for each school, meaning that if there are 3 teachers to a school, then just send a representative to take 3 sets for everyone doing Practicum in that particular school, and pay RM17x3=RM51 to the clerk in charge.

Sorry, I tried to ask about the online registration for the short semester but the staff in charge was not present.
The PPIP lecturers were having a staff meeting with the Dean, so I failed to talk to Dr.Tan either.

See you all tomorrow.
Have a nice day.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I was told by Meena that the grades are pasted in front of Dr Salasiah's office.
The grade you get (40% of the total marks) is a combination of the Pragmatics test(15%) and your written assignment (25%).
One word of advice though. Don't be too eager to see your grades. Not many of us performed well.
God willing, Meena and I will try to put up the grades for the pkpgtesolian group by Tuesday night in this blog.


This is a message from Dr Tan:

We have to register online as usual for our practicum (considered as short sem) either on 25 or 26 April 2008.(Friday or Saturday BEFORE we start our practicum)

Please check with the PPIP staff when you collect your LM set on next Tuesday, 22 April WHETHER we can do the registration on our own from home (online registration is said to start this short sem) or we still have to queue as usual at the PPIP computer lab.

As we all know the PPIP office is undergoing some renovation, so those who arrive early and know where to take the LM set please inform the others via sms please. Thanks.
And remember to ask about the registration date and how to do it.
It is very important that we register ourselves for this short semester.
Any mistake, any problem and we might not get to graduate this year.
So please be proactive and help yourselves.
Please be helpful and inform your friends whom you know don't have access to internet in their hometowns so that they can return by Saturday.
Thank you.

Enjoy your holidays.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Faizal will be selling copies of the drama DVD today. RM10 for one, but if you want a set of 2 they're for sale at RM15. Come on friends, this is the only DVD featuring Fairy-God Amma, The Fish Queen, Mamat, Kong, Kong's wife, and all of us together. Get them for your family to watch. Remember to buy ori!

Please remember to collect your LM set on Tuesday 22 April at PPIP counter. Not 25 April. You may ask any pkpg tesolian friend doing LM in the same school (representative) to collect them for you if you can't take it yourself.

By the way, I've been informed that we have to pay about RM60 for our graduation. Please check at the Bendahari office any time before graduation.

Good luck for today's QMT the last exam paper for most of us.


The syntax assignments have been marked and graded. Those who have yet to collect theirs may do so at Dr Munir's office. He's put all the marked assignments outside his door.

Anyone with news about the other subjects' grades, please inform me.
Thanks :)

Monday, April 14, 2008


Email from Meena:

Hi guys n gals,

well, it's me again... trying to organise something memorable for all of us (for tesolians who are interested in having some fun together) for one last time... anyway, after discussing with Faizal (our fairy god amma) we have decided not to go for dinner at Vistana as we dont need a special room for us and also the pa system as not e whole class is going... and since e whole class is not going, there isnt going to be any speech and blah, blah...

On the whole, we feel that RM50 is to expensive... so, our final idea is that we meet after our QMT paper (4.15pm - surely some time would be given to freshen up) and who ever is there get into their cars and we all go off to a hotel or some restaurant... we just walk in and tell them that we are there for dinner or whatever, makan-makan and the ladies are going clubbing after that... so, who ever is interested please do join us...

This will be my last email to all regarding our farewell dinner... Hope more of you can make it, thank you all for your support and all the best in your last 2 papers and till we meet again, goodbye and good night... Please do keep in touch and take care!

P/s: I'm nursing a sprained ankle at home, so just copy & paste the email here without editing, huhuhuuu. Ouch...adoiii!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Sorry friends. The grades for the assignment are not out yet. Dr Salasiah pasted the notice outside her office. Thre's nothing outside Dr Munir's office except the mind maps, huhuhuuu.

As for our Pragmatics test, well... pray hard. Although it's only 15% of the total marks, many of us didn't do well, especially the Speech Acts questions. Dr Raja Rozinah is still marking the answer scripts.

Let's just do our best for the exam on the 15th April.


Congratulations to Rezz (Rusni Anting) who has just delivered a healthy baby boy (2nd child in 3 years) on April 1, 2008. Welcome to the world, Wayne Roonie :)

Anyone who wish to pay her and the baby a visit, I suppose she'd be at the Rumah Kelamin USM. Do bring along a lovely gift.

Sorry for the late news friends.Just had the chance to chat with her today as she was sitting behind me in the hall. I'm glad to see Rezz still strong and able to sit for today's exam in less than 2 weeks after her delivery. Way to go, Mummy!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Thanks Meena. Here's the PPG315 grade (50%) that our lovely lady sent to me just now. Chck for yourself.

88900 A-
88901 A
88902 A
88903 A-
88904 A-
88905 B+
88906 D
88907 B+
88908 A-
88909 A-
88910 A
88911 F
88912 C+
88913 A-
88914 A-
88915 B+
88916 A-
88917 A-
88918 B+
88919 A
88920 A-
88921 B
88922 A
88923 B+
88924 B+
88925 A-
88926 A-
88927 A-
88928 A
88929 A-
88930 A
88931 A-
88932 B+
88933 B
88934 A-
88935 F
88936 B+
88937 A
88938 B-
88939 A
88940 A-
88941 B-
88942 A-
88943 A-
88944 A-
88945 A-
88946 A-
88948 B+
88949 A-
88951 A

Thanks Chai & Sarala :)

p/s: Thanks Meena. I made a mistake abt the 40% overall marks coz I was half-asleep at a CC in KL :P.
Couresework for PPG315 is 50% marks, friends. Good luck for the exam.

Monday, April 7, 2008


I received an sms from Chai during Literature exam (sorry folks, the hp which rang in the exam hall was mine. Silent mode didn't seem to work).
She asked me to inform everybody that our LM set will be distributed on Tues 22 April, and not Friday 25 April. Each set costs RM17.
You may get the LM set from the PPIP counter.
Thank you.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Forgiveness is not something we do for other people.
We do it for ourselves, to get well and move on.

Three years and three months.
That's how long we have been stuck to one another,
Doing assignments and projects together.
Friendships forged and friendships broken.
Kind words were given; harsh words were spoken.
Not contributing, cheating, backstabbing,
Rumour-mongers among other things.
A misunderstanding hurt both parties
Like a seed, it grew into a poison tree,
That spread branches left and right,
To be cut down one needs will and might
Forgive and forget is needed to make things right.

Yesterday like brothers, today like strangers.
Let's not let it continue.
Let's cut down the barrier,
Let's be the first to extend the hand,
Let's forgive the one who wrong us,
Let's reach to the one who's been hurt,
Let's learn that each is different
and the way we think, and work is different.
Naturally there'd be differences.
So respect the person, forgive the act.

Let God be the judge
Onto those talk bad things behind our backs.
Let God be the judge
Onto those who instigate quarrels
and wear a innocent face before all.
Let us be His angels of mercy
Heal our own souls
By extending the hand of forgiveness
To those who have hurt us
Unintentionally or intentionally.
Say what is needed to be said
And move on.

Time is too short
To continue holding grudges.
Time is too short
To continue being hurt.
Let it go
Let it fly away, like a moth with wings.
Be happy.
Be joyful.
Be thankful.
That we've learnt to be a better person
mentally, psychologically and spiritually
within these long years.

p/s: I hereby declare that I have forgiven all 50 pkpg tesol members who may have intentionally or unintentionally wronged me during these 3 years and 3 months, and that I do not hold any grudge against them. I also seek forgiveness from anyone who may have been angry with me, whom I may have unintentionally hurt through my words or my actions. Do come and seek me out if you are still unsatisfied and angry, and we'll have a heart-to-heart talk.
May God bless each and everyone of us.


DVD for sale!
RM10 for drama 1 (Malaysianized MacBeth) and drama 2(was it the turn-into-a-fish story?).
Another RM10 for drama 3 (The Indian story?) and drama 4 (Jane and Kong?).
Jeez, two years ago.. can't remember much.
So do correct me if I'm wrong.
You can only get both DVD on Friday 11April 2008, according to Faizal (April6,2008).
Each DVD costs RM10 but if you want both, then it is only RM15.

Faizal, I want both DVD. Am ordering online... heheheee. And please make sure both run smoothly. Thank you very much :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Ok folks... I know this is kinda tiring. Final suggestion from Meena. We have the farewell dinner at Hotel Vistana, near USM. I think everyone knows where it is, right?
Same time, same date (16th April after QMT) and bring RM50 for the food and souvenir.

Faizal, if you are reading this, we want the Drama DVD too!! (Ada bisnes tak mau buat kah?). I want to see how crazy Lady Srimona was on stage :P

p/s: Oh yes. Thanks Faizal for reminding me. There's some suggestions that we exchange presents on that day, durng the dinner. Something like the once we had during our MPTB farewell dinner, remember. What do you think?

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Meena has just informed me that the venue for our dinner has been changed. We are concerned about the well-being of our pregnant friends and those who have to travel back to the mainland.
Therefore, we will have our dinner at Bkt Jambul Country Club on the 16th of April.
Please bring about RM40 for the function.
Have a good weekend.
See you on the 11th, as some of us are not sitting for the Literature paper.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

DINNER on 16th

Hi everyone.
There will be a dinner function on the 16th April, after our last exam paper.
Meena has emailed some of us the details.
Well, it is suggested that we go for a get-together dinner at Pulau Jerejak Resort. It costs only rm30 inclusive of ferry service to and fro.
We'll leave by ferry by 7pm, have our dinnner at the resort and then we can take the ferry back by 10pm.
Please try your best to attend.
If you have other suggestions i.e, please forward them to me in the comment section or email to Meena.
Come-on everyone, last get-together. After 16th March, we'll be going our own way. We might not even have the chance to sit together and chat again after that day.
Like it or not, we have shared many things, including working together for assignments and projects during these three long years.
Let bygones be bygones.