Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hi everyone. Today's PPG 315 was taught by Pn.Norlida. The good news is, the lecture notes under Pn.Norlida can be found at the photocopy shop beside Sendut I library. Next Friday is the deadline for Language Games Project.

Remember, we have to submit the practicum forms to PPIP by Friday, 29th February. I hope everybody's found his/her school already. Submit your forms to Cik Rusnani.

Those who are absent from Dr.Rozinah's lecture yesterday, please be informed that we have to present our projectwork on Week 13, before Maulidur Rasul. That means either on 17, 18 or 19 March. No extension date will be given as our lady lecturer will be leaving on an airplane on 21 March.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Please check your own course outlin for dates to summit assignments.

I've corrected the frst dateline post so have a look there.

By the way, Rusni Anting is looking for a group with transportation for practicum together. Any takers?

Congratulations to our Queen Rohgini for joining the 'labour room waiting list'. :D Hope it's a girl this time!!


Here's the latest list.

SMK Sg.Ara - Rosli, Safiza, Nani, & Erin
SMK Seri Balik Pulau - Fizza, Zura, Kasthury, Samirah & Balkhish
SMK Union - Chik Mun Yeang, Calvin, & Premani
SMK St.George Balik Pulau - Faizal, Mahen, Effa & Daniel
SMK Teluk Kumbar 1 & 2 - Nana & geng
SMK Tunku Habsah - Subha, Regina, Suguna, Ellice, Kalas
SMK Sg.Nibong - Chai, Sarala, Aliya
SMK Georgetown - Ping, Rema & Tan
SMK Raja Tun Uda - Meena & Rohgini (open 3 more places - morning session)
SMK Chung Ling - Boon Yew & Lew
SMk Abdullah Munshi - Su, Ju, Wahida & Nur'in
SMK Mutiara - Syida & Norliza

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Pn.Norlida gave us the Project assignment for literature today. It's a 6-persons project, and we have to do 3 lesson plans for an assigned topic -either short story or poem.
Sorry folks, those who are absent will have to accept the leftover topics (mostly poems Form 1-Form 5) as the short stories have been grabbed by the 44 of us attending her class today. Each literary text (e.g The Pencil) is assigned only for 2 groups. The assignment is quite complicated and needs good collaboration among the group members.
Those who are absent today, please get the 6-paged question & sample from Pn.Norlida at her office.
We had a short open-book quiz today. No lecture. The Literature Project's dateline is Week 15, before our exams. Good luck.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Mayday is near, folks.
Pity those who are still hunting for schools for practicum. Good luck. I'm told that some schools do not want to take in more than 3 trainees so those groups of 4 & 5 have a tough time finding a school that will accept all of them. Remember the dateline to summit the form to PPIP is Friday, 29th February.

Anyway, keep in mind about these assignments:

(Check your course ouline for each subject if you are not sure)

Therefore that makes:

Week 10(22/2)

Week 11 (29/2)
– Project ELT games ( PPG 315)

Week 12 (6/3) -

- Module (PGT 36E) & Reflection (PGT 436E) - Dr.Fong's Week 11

Week 13 (13/3)

- Lesson plan for PGT 436E, WebQuest, Camtasia & P.Point - Dr.Fong's Week 12

- Week 14 (21/3)

– Test on Pragmatics

- Presentations for Dr.Rozinah's e-book

Week 15 (27/3)

- Literature Project

- Semantics Assignment

Reports for Literature – a week after your presentation

Semantics Assignment out by Monday 25/2 : Errr, hoping it’s not too tough

Anything I’ve missed?

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Okay folks, found this at the Star today. (I decided not to waste money buying printed news due to the election fever, hehehe)
Our convo is due in August 2008.
So ladies, you know what to do. Grab your tailor or your favourite boutique and get that 'baju' you want for the special day. Same oes for the gentlemen.
Till theN, let's work and pray that we'll survive this semester :)

USM postpones convocation due to polls
PENANG: The Universiti Sains Malaysia convocation scheduled for March 8 has been deferred to March 22 due to the general election.
USM vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dzulkifli Abdul Razak said the second part of the 37th convocation, meant for its foreign graduates, had to be rescheduled because March 8 was polling day.
He said the USM’s 38th convocation would be held in August.
Prof Dzulkifli said six senior citizens taking up USM’s Life-long Education Programme would also be graduating this year.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Half the class must have gone school hunting today, or catching up on beauty sleep after last night's kiasu firecrackers burning sessions :P
Dr.Leong's class has more empty chairs today than ever before. I barely made it myself as I showed my pretty face to the school's Penyelia Petang this afternoon, hence the specially well-dressed Aliya in DK L today. Anyway it was a very short lecture - about 6 slides only. Hmmmm...

Anyway, how was your school visit?
Faizal called me today and decided to change course to another school nearer to USM. Please update me with the latest school that you are going to for your practicum, ok so that I can post the new list here.

Is there anyone (other than Dev) who is still without a practicum partner? Deven, if you are reading this, I suggest that you consult Dr.Tan and Pn.Fadzilah (your PGT303 tutor) before Feb 28; otherwise you might have Dr.Shaik Abd Malik after you for doing your practicum alone in the school.

Please remember that the 9-10 periods of teaching are for English subject. Not Multimedia, k.
Dr.Tan or whoever becomes your tutor will not observe you teaching multimedia.
So if you are smart, no need 'clever-clever' tell the schools that you are minoring in multimedia la.. if they happen to ask, only then you inform them that you are taking that subject as a tiny eeny mini minor...hehehe.
Just tell them that you are TESOL teachers and that you are trained to teach English language in Form 1-5 in secondary schools.. that should ensure that you'll get eitehr Form 1, 2 or 4.

I heard that some schools already have 'special assistants' in May and June to decorate the multimedia lab.. aiyoh, what happened, gals?

Are we to teach Ko.K? Not 100% sure but I think we have to take part. Heard from my school that the practicum teachers are teaching Ko.K too so looks like there's no escape for us. Again 'clever-clever' laaa.

Have a good weekend. Do recharge your batteries and God willing, see you all on Monday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

DR.FONG'S Self-paced, self-access and self-directed Multimedia Module

Found this at Dr.Fong's PPIP today.

Reflection until this week (8th week)
9th week 20/2/08 – Lecture (9-10); Project preparation can be done in any place.
10th week 27/2/08 – No Lecture; Project preparation can be done in any place.
11th week 5/3/08 – Reflection report submit.
12th week 12/3/08 – Submission of all other projects

Self-paced, self-access and self-directed Multimedia Module

This is a group project (4 to a group).
From a list of various interactive learning technologies (ILT), ICT tools, ICT-related affairs, you are required to prepare a multimedia module. The module can be used by teachers for professional development through a Self-paced, self-access and self-directed approach. This module is prepared using MS Word. The targeted learners are teachers who are eager to learn about the interactive learning technologies (ILT), ICT tools, ICT-related affairs in education. Submit the CD and printed report. Some guidelines in preparing the module -

1.Introduction - A particular education-related problem / issue
2.Description of the selected ILT / ICT tool / ICT-related affairs
3.Educational concept of the selected ILT / ICT tool / ICT-related affairs
4.How to use the selected ILT / ICT tool / ICT-related affairs
5.Supporting articles (3) / case studies / research findings
6.Exercise – 5 HOT MCQ, 1 structured HOT question, 2 HOT essay questions. Provide answers.

Tips: You can screen capture any portion of PPIP ONLINE and use it as a support to illustrate your reflection; photos....

(Aliya: Please consult Lew ShuRen if you are still 'blur' about the Module assignment or have forgotten the title of your topics).


Anyone who wishes to promote their own blogs, poems, activities etc in this blog PLEASE WRITE A LINK TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL SITE.
Just write the link in the comment section i.e the URL or inform me personally about your intention to promote your own 'hasil kreativiti' online.
DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT dump the whole article that you have written into the comment section if it is more than 5 lines.
This blog is created to post the latest information about our courses, the assignments, the exams and practicum. Also to inform the latest interesting or urgent update about PKPG Tesolians
(weddings, birth, and anything worth mentioning).
I hope this message is clear and well-understood (otherwise you'd have to resit for Effective Reading under Dr.Tan again).
Thank you for your cooperation.

p/s: Does anyone know where Rusni is? Hope she's fine; she's about to deliver her baby isn't she?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Oh, I forgot to mention this earlier 'coz I thought by now most of us would have known about it. Anyway, before the CNY hols, Ellice rceived a phone call from Kem.Pelajaran at Putrajaya, informing her that 30 of PKPG TESOL Prestasi form for 2007 have been rejected. These forms will be returned via post to Ellice (Regina's house address) because they are incomplete (signature or 'cop mohor' missing). We'll have to send back those forms with the required corrections. This is certainly affect our future salary, etc. We have already informed Dr.Tan and Pn.Norlida about this problem and they are also waiting for the 'mysterious' bundle.

As of today, I have not heard from Regina that she has received the forms from Putrajaya. Well, let's just say that when my new IC application was approved, it took about 1 month for the letter to arrive from the great city. So, like it or not, we have to wait for the postman, and see to whom these forms belong to. They could be altogether 30 from our class or some belonging to our juniors too.

I'm praying mine is not among the returned ones...


Ok, here's the schools that have been booked. No more places:
* SMK Tengku Habsah - Subha, Regina, Suguna, Ellice, Kalas
* SMK Sg.Nibong - Chai, Sarala, Aliya
* SMK Georgetown - Ping, Rema & Tan
* SMK Raja Tun Uda - Meena & Rohgini (open 3 more places - morning session)
* SMK Chung Ling - Boon Yew & geng
* SMk Abdullah Munshi - Su & Ju, Wahida & Nur'in
* SMK Mutiara - Syida & Norliza

Schools that has rejected our application ( so said those who visited yesterday):
1. SMK Bkt Gambir
2. SMK Bkt Jambul

Schools being booked
1. SMK Teluk Kumbar - nana & geng
2. SMK Sg.Ara - faizal & geng
3. SMK Batu Maung - Norlin & geng

Schools with places:
SMK Padang Polo - 2 places
SMK Hamid Khan
SMK Convent Green Lane
SMK Convent Light Street,
and other secondary schools not mentioned here.

Be polite. Dress appropriately. Thank the staff even when they reject your application to teach there (it's their loss, not yours, hehehe)
Most importantly....Good luck!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Just want to know how many have read the posts in this blog. It is difficult to meet up and pass information as some of us may not attend certain lectures due to personal reasons. So please click on the Comments section below, follow the instructions and write your name. If there is nobody reading, it’d be a waste of time updating this blog with the latest information.


This is the latest news from Dr.Tan. We have to teach between 9-10 periods per week during practicum. Please show the letter to the school that you want to do your practicum. Remember, 2-5 persons for each school. If the school has no more places for you, then you'd have to search for other schools nearby. If there are 4 of you, then you’d have to do 2 researches and hand-in 2 separate reports of your kajian tindakan. If the school accepts you, then you should ask the school to certify on the last form of the 4-paged letter. Return the completed forms to Cik Rusnani, who is in charge of our practicum at PPIP ground floor office (do not disturb Ms. Wei Yin) by 29th February 2008. For further information, you may consult Dr.Tan herself.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Congratulations to Sarasvathy and her husband (sorry laa, forgot his name) on their wedding in Taiping last weekend. May both of you be happy together and more prosperous till the end of your lives, hehehee.
Anyone who wish to show us pictures of the happily wedded couple, do email me so I ca post it here.

Hmm, anymore news of weddings among us this semester?

Also congratulations to our Faizal on the latest addition to his brood on January 10.
Baby daughter, by the lovely name of Noraisyah Maisara.

Those on the waiting list for the labour room, good luck.
1. Rusni
2. Calvin
3. Suguna
4. Safiza

Anyone else I forgot to mention?


Faizal said that our drama at MPTB has been converted into CDs. The CDs are ready at the cost of RM10 each... Group 1 & 2 in CD A and Grp 3 & 4 in CD B. For further information, please ask Faizal.
Psst, Faizal... You'd better get the order form ready. I want a set too. Sweet memories mahhh.


Welcome to the PKPG TESOLIAN blog. I got tired of having to log into Friendster so I'm opening a blog for us. Be free to update this blog with the latest news and gossips (psst, psst) anytime by emailing me, ok. Secrecy ensured, hehehee.

Well to kick start this blog, here's the latest news about our Practicum.
Siew Yee, Regina and yours truly met Dr. Tan Kok Eng this morning and she told us to get ready for practicum. Please get your LM form from Cik Rusnani of PPIP (downstairs counter) on Tuesday. Please see only Puan Rusnani. DO NOT disturb Wei Yin, the Chinese clerk as PPIP has reshuffled the duties for the clerks after the CNY holidays. We are to hand in the LM form to the school we wish to do our practicum.

The date is confirmed.
We start our practicum on 28th April 2008, Monday.
I repeat, 28th April 2008 that's immediately after our final exams.
We're doing 6 weeks of practicum- 4 weeks before the school break, then another 2 after the break.
You may do your practicum 2-5 people per school, but that will depend on how many the school is willing to accept. Also we still have to carry out the Kajian Tindakan in the school. If there are 2 of you in a school and you are originally from different groups of K.Tindakan, you may choose to do one research. However, if there are 5 of you in a school, the maximum number of members for a research is 3. That means 2 groups of researchers conducting 2 different research in the same school.

Bad news for those who are planning to go back to your hometown.
This year, we are quarantined in Penang Island. We can only do our practicum on the island. So those who are planning to stay at the hostels, please apply for the rooms with UPPP before our exams, ok.

The lecturers who will be invigilating us are : Dr.Tan, Dr.Leong, Pn.Norlida, Dr.Mildred, and Dr.Kabilan.

p/s: Enjoy the video clip :D just click on it