Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We're eligible for BISP. I'll be receiving mine in June, and the tunggakan backdated to July 2008, hehehe. Actually supposed to get it earlier but due to some technical error, I'd be getting the whole lump sum next month.
If you haven't received yours, do fill up the form. You'd need to attach a copy of your SPM cert. It's not automatic- you need to apply for it. Just ask your school clerk, and ask your boss to sign the form.
It's 5% of your DG41 salary, or 10% of your DG29/DG32.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello, fellow Tesolians.
If you are already in your 10th year of service and are eligible to naik to DG32, then you should really consider applying for the time-based promotion to DG32 KUP before attending the interview, and accepting DG41 offer. There's a big jump in the salary scale from DG29 to DG32, then to DG41.
However, your pelantikan to DG32 should arrived before your pelantikan to DG41, or else you will lose in terms of salary. Check this out
But if your service is less than 9 years, then I personally think it's better for you to attend the interview and accept the DG41 offer.
Chai and I asked the officer at the frontdesk during our interview if it's ok not to apply for DG41 interview, and he said it's our choice. We can choose not to apply online for the DG41 interview yet [ask Boon Yew]. Because once we get the interview letter, we HAVE to attend it, otherwise our pengetua has to reply to KPM about our absence from the interview.And if we fail the first interview, we have to wait for another 6 months to one year for the next one.
Make wise decisions.
It's your future.
All the best :)


You guys, ahhh.. ini nyonya sakit2 pun kena online gak, for your sake, dearie! Say thank you, kamsia kamsia...hehehe
Ni ha.. for you all who have received your Surat Tawaran ke DG41, I've found the website. Click here:
For you lazy ones, here's the whole article, read yourself, nohhh. Sorry for the poor arrangement, I just copy paste, hahaha.

Berikut adalah kategori calon yang boleh diberi pengecualian daripada menghadiri kursus induksi Sistem Saraan Baru/Sistem Saraan Malaysia apabila dilantik ke jawatan tetap Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Siswazah Gred DG3/DG41.
Berdasarkan Surat Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Bil. JPA 241/46 Jld. V (69) bertarikh 1 April 1993. Calon-calon yang boleh dikecualikan daripada menghadiri Kursus Induksi apabila dilantik ke jawatan tetap sebagai PPPS Gred DG3/41 adalah seperti berikut;

1.Guru PPPBS/LD yang dilantik dalam kategori B (skim JKK ’76) atau setaraf seperti B8,B9,C1, B10, T1, D3 yang telah mengambil dan lulus Peperiksaan Am Kerajaan (PAK) sebelum disahkan dalam jawatan sebelum ini.
2.Guru PPPBS/LD yang telah meningkat daripada kategori C8 (SPM) kepada B10 (STPM) mengambil dan lulus PAK sebelum tahun 1994; dan
Pengecualian (berdasarkan keputusan mesyuarat pada 16.8.1999 di antara JPA, KPM dan SPP,
2.1 PPPBS C8 yang meningkat ke B10 tetapi tiada PAK yang telah dilantik ke DG3 sebelum 16.8.1999.
2.2 PPPBS C8 yang telah lulus PAK walaupun tidak disyaratkan tetapi telah dilantik ke DG3 sebelum 16.8.1999.
3. Guru PPPBS/LD yang telah dilantik buat kali pertama selepas tahun 1992 dan telah menduduki Kursus Induksi Kumpulan I sebelum disahkan dalam jawatan.
4.Guru yang telah bertukar daripada skim perkhidmatan lain yang menguntukkan penyandangnya untuk lulus Kursus Induksi Kumpulan I atau lulus PAK sebelum disahkan dalam jawatan dan kemudian dilantik ke PPPS.
5.Guru yang telah meletak jawatan dan telah lulus dengan jayanya Kursus Induksi SSB apabila dilantik dalam jawatan yang memerlukan lulus kursus dalam kumpulan yang sama.

Walau bagaimanapun, pihak JPA melalui surat JPA 241/20/14 Klt. 83( ) bertarikh 23 Disember 2003 telah memutuskan bahawa Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Bukan Siswazah C8 yang tidak meningkat ke skel gaji B10 dan telah lulus Peperiksaan Am Kerajaan yang kemudiannya dilantik sebagai Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Siswazah Gred DG3 layak untuk dikecualikan dari mengikuti dengan jayanya Kursus Induksi bagi tujuan pengesahan dalam perkhidmatan sebagai PPPS Gred DG3/DG41.

Friends, I made a photocopy of myb sijil Kursus Induksi and attach it with my documents. Haven't sent, seems that my clerk needs to write a Surat Pengecualian Kursus Induksi for me and get it endorsed by the Boss.

Monday, May 4, 2009


So sorrrryyyyy, been busy with so many meetings that the head's blurrrryy. And with mid-year exam around the corner, lagi blurrrr laa.

Yahoo.. alhamdulillah. I've received my surat tawaran to DG41. Tarikh lantikan 1.9.2009. I called up Faizal to confirm the date [ has to be same as we graduated and reported for duty on the same date]. Now don't be jealous; I've worked longer than most of you, so my scale is a little bit higher. No need go for medical checkup and last thing I heard, we just need a 'surat pengecualian Kursus Induksi' coz we have undergone that when we first graduated from colleges.

Congrats to Syida (cute cute cute baby girl!!!) and Kalas (boy or girl?) for the ne addition to their family. Anyone else?
Now Meena, take it easy. Don't kill your hubby yet. You'd need him to massage your legs and change the diapers soon,hehehe..

Shub, keep cool. Heck, everyone's busy. Patsy seems to be enjoying herself though. I see her at Facebook, hehehe.

Boon Yew, that's funny, LOL. And I know you're having a ball to have sent 2 comments about Zizi in one day. He's in your all boys' school? Gosh, can he survive? You must be smirking all day. Be kind; he can't afford to fail again. Where's the Lawak King, btw? I'm soooooooooo glad I'm in the mainland, hahahahaaaa... And what do you mean that he's still him, physically? Still under HR therapy? Got to pay Dr Tan and Pn.Noorlida a visit soon.

Long live us Tesolians!
Come on everyone, send in your comments so that Faizal, our Fairy GodAmma won't start waving his wand in despair again, hahahahaa..