Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Exam papers

Howdy friends? I think we've come to a stage where we have to prepare question papers right? Why don't we share what we have with the rest of us here in this beloved blog? It doesn't matter if you are teaching Form 1 or even Form 5, just send your paper to me and I'll upload and link it so that all of us can use it. How's that? Below is the link that I think is very useful if you want to find trial exam papers for SPM and PMR. Peace...

Friday, April 17, 2009


Hi hi, so how is everyone coping at school?
Don't tell me, all cranky and grumbling that life was better at primary school? Nod, nod, nod. yeah, I sure miss the days when I could just hop into my car at 1pm sharp and drive out of the school gate! Nowadays it's either 3pm or later (4.30pm if got meetings) , as late as 5pm if extra classes are held (I'm kena paksa-rela teaching SPM tuition classes under PUZ, uhuk3).
We at Penang had been working hard for the English Language Carnival and Thank God, it's over now (unless your school wins and you have to lead the team to the next level, huhu). Let me say for one thing, training rural students to act in an English Language Drama is 5 times worse than yours truly having to act during our uni days! Prounciation, intonation, costumes, etc all need to be looked into by the teachers in charge. I'm seriously looking for a school that doesn't take part in any zone level activities, hehehe.

I checked online and found that I have been listed as "Diperakukan dalam Jawatan" for DG41. No surat tawaran yet. I'm sure Faizal and Regina who had their interviews earlier than I, already received their surat tawaran?
Those of you who have yet to be called for interviews, do remember to check the SPP website to make sure that you are registered for the interview. Otherwise they will never call you!

Would anyone who have met them - Shida and Meena - update us about them and their babies?

Anyway, all the best, don't overwork yourselves and remember to stop and smell the flowers. Work smart, don't work hard, hehehe

Friday, April 3, 2009


they're alive laaa..

hai...ada la...where got hilang...not yet disappeared...anyway,very tiring la...too many work..i'm teaching form 2 and 3...guess what, this year hari guru celebration will be held in trg...and i will perform choral speaking on that day together with other teachers from all over feel free to see me..if it will be a live telecast.hehe..perasan ni muka masuk tv...FROM-NANAFARHANA
Thursday, 02 April, 2009

Anonymous said...
assalamualaikum n hi everybody.well i'm not been kidnapped and abducted but busy with all the commitment in school.Busy with my 3prince at home too as 'mithali mother'(cook,washing, cleaning,teaching and as a driver too- htr ngaji Quran ) ha..ha..ha..I'm teaching form 1 and 2. awal tahun semua orang busy coz karnival n sukan, pertengahan thn-akhir thn busy dgn kursus pulak kan. Letih2.(Ain)
Thursday, 02 April, 2009

ALIYA said...
Yohoo, me too, me too. Busy with exam, drama rehearsals,meetings till 4pm almost every week, bla3.Sukan sekolah baru habis last weekend, English Carnival this month, and I'm training drama. Kena pemantauan also this month. And Nazir Kementerian will be coming berkampung end of the month, so everyone's busy.Heir-making process too, so tiring laa..Congrats Nanaa, live telecast in RTM1 la, I dah rasa masa koir 2000 in Ipoh
Thursday, 02 April, 2009

Faizal said...
My dear friends..Do you know how relieve I am when some of you replied to my post? I thought all of you have been abducted or kidnapped by aliens. hahahaa...Yes, everybody is very busy. Me too. But please my friends, jangan sampai hilang terussss....
Friday, 03 April, 2009
hyhpat said...
Faizal, how was your Sabah trip? sorry la, couldn't join you... :) yeah, i'm still alive (barely) and kicking. training students for choral speaking, sukantara, etc.. like crazy only. :)
Friday, 03 April, 2009
Anonymous said...
hi guys...faizal mn ikan paus??? well sume org bz bz n bz nak buat..thats our job rite? FYI im teaching for form 1,2 n 3. congrats for those who already dilantik.. i still x dpt interview lg laa..still waiting..from: ieta
Saturday, 04 April, 2009

Boon Yew said...
YO!!!I'm still here. Didn't post anything coz me saw none.Life in school is still like a Maths test everyday, cepat dan tepat. hehehehehe...I go to school everyday practically 2 hours b4 school starts. Can't seem to get all my things done.Star-NIE (24 groups), ULBS (35x3 classes), drama, spelling bee, folio sejarah (35x4 classes), ketua rumah sukan biru - sports day was last Thursday, NILAM (16 kids), kad gigi (36), report books, kad kesihatan, 13 panitia files, school orchestra - sole teacher-in-charge, whoo... tons more...So sorry ah... not that we leave you, just can't write yet...Anyway, best wishes to all. Don't die standing and don't 'outlive' us all hehehehehe

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kidnapped and abducted

helloo...What is happening to you guys?? I think everyone from PKPG Tesol has dissapeared. No activity at all in this blog..*sigh*...